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Autoexec.bat | Windows95 |

The "Autoexec.bat" file is a file that is used by the computer to execute instructions before the operating system is up and running.

It is a text file that must reside in the root directory of the boot hard drive ( i.e. c:\autoexec.bat ).

Windows 95 does not require or need any entries in the autoexec.bat file. Some older programs might place executable instructions in the autoexec.bat file in Windows 95 when they are installed.

When the autoexec.bat file is empty, there is no noticeable reaction while booting windows 95. If entries are placed in autoexec.bat, you will notice that while windows 95 is booting, the screen will change to having a black background for a few seconds as the commands within autoexec.bat are executed. This is normal.

Programs written for DOS or Windows 3.x, that must have CD-ROM access, will need to have entries placed in the autoexec.bat and config.sys files. Instructions are provided for this at the "Setting up CD-ROM in DOS" page. Likewise, older Sound Card programs will automatically add entries in the autoexec.bat and config.sys files.

The autoexec.bat file can be edited by using the Windows Notepad program. Notepad can be found by clicking | Start | Programs | Accessories | and selecting Notepad from the pop-up menu presented to you.  Once you've opened Notepad, select | File | Open | from the top menu, and find the file c:\autoexec.bat.  After the changes have been made select File Save before exiting the program.

A special note : By default, when you look at files using the Microsoft File Explorer, the extension of files that have extensions of BAT, SYS, and EXE is not shown. Therefore,   the autoexec.bat file will be shown within Explorer only as "autoexec" (since the extension is hidden from the user).

During a Windows 95 upgrade from Windows 3.1, the contents of the autoxec.bat file will be changed automatically by removing entries which are not needed by Windows 95..

A "clean" copy of autoexec.bat is sometimes used for troubleshooting. The existing file is renamed to something like autoexec.old and a new "autoexec.bat" file is created. This file has the minimum entries as follows:


In a like manner the equivalent config.sys file would look as follows

FILES = 30



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