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Compatibility PCI IDE controller error | Windows 95 |

Installation error

"Your Multi-function device "Standard Dual PCI IDE Controller"
has some child devices using 32-bit drivers and others using compatibility mode drivers. Their Configuration is not supported, so your computer has been halted to prevent corruption.
After you restart your computer, Windows will use compatibility-mode drivers for each child device attached to this multi-function device.
If you want to use 32-bit drivers, you may be able to obtain an updated driver for the device that caused the problem by contacting your hardware manufacturer or you can disable the device.
Press any Key to Continue"

You can get the above error during Windows 95 installation if you have device drivers like CD-ROM drivers in the autoexec.bat and config.sys files. After windows is installed and you reboot the computer will stop and the above error will be displayed.

At the same time you will most likely get errors in the device manager showing the primary and secondary PCI IDE controllers as not functioning properly (having a yellow exclamation point in front of the device name)

To correct this you need to modify the registry (as usual touching the registry is dangerous and you do this at your own risk, see the page on modifying the registry):
Start, Run {type in the text box } Regedit <enter>

go inside the following key

... ...CurrentControlSet
... ... ... Services
... ... ... ... VxD
... ... ... ... ... IOS
... ... ... ... ... ... ... Start "01"

WinErrIDEdriver.gif (9395 bytes)


On the right half of the screen under "Name Data" you will find one or more entries (with a blue icon in the front) that have either a 00 or a 01 under the data column.

Change any "01" entries to "00" and exit the registry.

That should fix the problem of the device manager errors. To allow the computer to use the windows 95 device drivers you will also need to remove the references from the autoexec.bat and config.sys file (ie cd-rom drivers). The best way to do this is to remark those entries and reboot the computer and see if windows was able to use native drivers instead of the ones you were using in the autoexec.bat and config.sys files.

You might have to continue using the old drivers if the computer was unable to find your devices after the reboot.




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