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Install Dial-Up Networking | DUN | Windows95 |


If DUN is already installed and you just need to configure DUN then go to the "Configure a DUN Internet Connection" page

Go to the Desktop and double-click on the "My Computer" MyComputerIcon.gif (1494 bytes) icon.

. This will open the "My Computer" Window.

Double-click the "Control Panel" icon Control_Panel_Icon.gif (1423 bytes)(you might have to scroll down) before you can see it.  Now the control panel window should be open.

Look at the top middle and you will see the "Add/Remove Programs" icon AddRemovePrograms_Icon.gif (1660 bytes)and open it by double clicking the icon. The "Add/Remove Programs" window will open.

You will see 3 tabs at the top. Click on the "Windows Setup" tab.

AddRemoveProgramsWindowsSetupTab.gif (3440 bytes)

Now the Add/Remove Programs window will change to show you the "Windows Setup" Components. 

The components are located in the center of the window and have small check boxes in front of them. If the check box is checked then that item is installed.

Note: Some of the Checked Items have multiple sub items that can also be checked but you can NOT see those items unless you press the "Details" button on the bottom right corner of the window.

Click on the check box located to the left of the Communications entry ( 3rd entry from the top) as shown below

AddRemoveProgramsCommunications.gif (6401 bytes)

Note: you might have to scroll within the components sub-window to find the "Communications" entry

Now press the "Details" Button DetailsButton.gif (1065 bytes) found on the bottom right area of the window

The Control Panel's "Add/Remove Programs...Communications" window will now be displayed.

Note: If the Item "Dial-Up Networking is checked then you do not need to proceed any further. Instead, go to Step 2. Create a connection to the place you want to connect.

Click on the Check box in front of the component "Dial-Up Networking" as shown below.

AddRemoveProgramsDUN.gif (2107 bytes)

and click the OK button OK_Button.gif (1035 bytes) on the bottom of the window.

Next, click on the Apply_Button.gif (1028 bytes)  button (which was grayed out until now).

The "Insert Disk" screen will now appear. 

At this point Windows95 will be expecting your computer to have the Windows95 CD-ROM in the drive (or the floppy disk in the drive).

Click the OK button.

The "Copying Files..." window will now appear and the default file location will be entered and highlighted in blue inside the "Copy Files from:" text box.

Most of the time the entry in the "Copy Files From" box CopyFilesFrom_Msg.gif (1442 bytes) ... is correct. But, if you think the path to your CD-ROM or disk is different then type in that box the correct path. Typical entries would be "a:\" or "d:\win95".

Note: you can also use the <Browse> button to find the \Win95 folder that is needed.

With the correct Path entered you now press the OK key. The computer will copy some files for several minutes depending on your computer.

Note: If you have removed and reloaded the "components" (as you are doing in this page) some of the files, as they are copying, might give you a message saying that "the file you are copying is newer/older than the file on the computer. This is not critical, and you can press the button that says "use the existing file".

When the files are done copying, the "Add/Remove Programs Properties" window will still be displayed.

All you have to do now is press the OK OK_Button.gif (1035 bytes) button.

You can now close the "Control Panel" window and the "My computer" window by pressing the button located on the top right corner of each window.

As a final step, you should close windows and allow the computer to reboot.

When the computer has rebooted, you will need to create a new "Connection" for the Dial-Up networking as explained in Step 2. Create a connection to the place you want to connect.





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