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Device Manager | Windows95 | How To... |

The Device Manager displays Hardware Information about your computer. It also allows you to change settings and disable or remove devices.

To open the Device Manager window do the following.

Click ( Start ) on the Task Bar, the Start pop-up will open

Click on Settings, and when the side selection shows click on Control Panel

The control panel window will open

Double Click on the System icon , the system window will open.

Click on the Device Manager Tab

The System Device Manager Properties window will be shown.

SystemDevMgrTypeW.gif (8048 bytes)


The devices are grouped by "type". A normal group of devices will display a "+" sign in front of the name. If there is a problem with any of the devices the a yellow exclamation point will appear in front of the device name.

You can open the group of devices and show all the devices contained within that group by pressing the "+" sign in front of the name.

This window has two views, the "type" view and the "connection" view. These two views can be toggled by pressing on "view devices by type" or "view devices by connection".

There is one very important additional option on this window. When the top entry "computer" is highlighted and the Properties button is pressed you can see what system settings each device uses.


This window is very helpful in showing you possible IRQ lines conflicts since one IRQ could show more than one device using it.

Note: Any Devices that are not functioning properly will have a Yellow Exclamation point in front of the Device Name.




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