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Dingbats/Wingdings | Windows 95 Main |

General Information

Dingbats are special fonts which have special graphic symbols in place of the alphabetic characters.

A dingbat font has a keyboard character just like a regular font, and the character is entered thought the keyboard as where each letter of the alphabet creates a character or image, rather than the letter itself.

A dingbat font is typically selected just like any other font. Then a key is pressed on the keyboard to place the graphic that matches that key on the document where the typing is done. Windows 95 has some special dingbat fonts called wingdings. They can be viewed by opening the Character set as follows.

| Start | Programs | Accessories | Character Map |

The Character map window will open

When the character map window has opened you press on the down arrow to the right of the Font and select the Wingdings font

After you've selected the font you can click on any of the symbols you see and like a magnifying glass the symbol will get larger for easier viewing. You can then press the Select button and then the copy button which will place the symbol in the "characters to copy" text box. At this point you can switch to another application like "Word" and simply paste the character in a document.



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