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Font Information

For general information on Fonts, including links to other sites, and troubleshooting font problems, visit the "Fonts Information" page


Commercial Font Products

For commercial Font products visit the "Fonts Software" page.

To Install Fonts follow the instructions below

Go to the Windows 95 Desktop ( ...example of the desktop window )

Next double-click the "My computer" icon

The "My computer" window will open ( ...example of the "My Computer" window )

Next double-click the "Control Panel" icon

The "Control Panel" window will open ( ...example of the Control Panel window )

Next double-click the "Fonts" icon

The Fonts Window will open showing you the installed fonts.

Now click on the File (or press <Alt> <F> at the same time) and when the pop-down window appears select "Install New Fonts"

Please note: If the "Install New Font..." option is not   visible or if it is grayed out, go to the "Troubleshooting Fonts" page that has details on correcting this problem.

The "Add Fonts" window will appear.

There will be a white text box labeled "Folders".

Navigate inside the Folders List box ( by double-clicking on the c:\ ) until the folder "c:\windows\system is shown ( or one of the folders shown below )..

Note: Sometimes programs will install fonts in other directories like:

  • c:\Program Files\Fonts or
  • C:\Programs\Fonts or
  • C:\Windows or
  • C:\Windows\Fonts

If fonts are found a small entry will be visible temporarily counting the fonts as they are loaded (in the example above its show as "Retrieving font names : 60%" ).

After the fonts are loaded they will be shown in the white text box labeled "List of Fonts". You can scroll through the "List of Fonts" list box and select the font you want to install. You can click on one font, or select more then one by holding down the control key as you are clicking on each font, or by clicking on the first font, holding down the shift key and clicking on the last font you want installed. You can also click on the "Select All" button.

Note: If you try to install fonts which are already installed, you will be presented with a warning window telling you that you cannot install the font unless you first un-install it. This is a harmless warning which allows you to continue with the other fonts by simply pressing the <OK> button.

After the font is selected (it will be highlighted) press the OK button

The font or fonts will then be installed.

When you are done press the close <x> button on the top right corner of the window.

You will be returned to the Fonts window, and the font you've just installed will be included there.

You can now close the Fonts window, close the Control Panel Window, and close the "My Computer" window

Note: Windows 95 has a limit of how many fonts can be installed at one time. The limit is about 1100 fonts. Actually anything over 1000 fonts is probably going to cause problems, so make sure to not install more than 1000 fonts.

Also keep in mind that having more than about 300 Fonts installed will take away a lot of system resources and slow down the computer considerably.


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