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The Menu Bar | Windows 95 |


Every Windows 95 program has a menu bar which is always located at the top of a window. As an example, the Microsoft Word menu bar is shown below.

This is a Menu Bar

The way to use the Menu Bar is to move the mouse pointer over a word and press the left mouse button. When this is done a drop-down selection list will appear giving you more choices. Each of those choices is again selected with the mouse by clicking on it with the left mouse button.

At a minimum you need to know how to Create a new file, how to save the file, how to print the file, how to load an existing file for editing and finally how to properly exit the program.

There normally are dozens if not hundreds of operations that can be performed on any one program. Many will be covered in these tutorials and as always, clicking on the menu bar Help selection allows you to look up "how to" information for yourself.

Note: There are usually alternate ways to perform an operation. One easy way to "know" what keyboard key to press is to look at the Menu Bar selections. You will notice that many of the selections have one letter underlined. For example, the selection File ( ) has the letter F underlined. So the way to "click" the File selection using the keyboard is to press the <Alt> key and the letter F. Basically, you always press the <Alt> key and while holding it down pressing any other key will activate the menu bar's selection that has the same letter underlined.

The File selection

The Edit selection

The View selection

The Window selection

The Help Selection



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