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Modem Software Installation | Windows95 | Tutorials |

General Information -

The modem is normally installed by letting the computer look for the modem using the "Add New Hardware" icon of the control panel. Windows 95 has the ability to detect many of the modems in use today, but chances are if your modem was made after 1996, Windows95 will not be able to detect it correctly.

Note: The modem manufacturers provide a disk which has a driver that is used in installing the modem. You will need this disk during the install procedure.


Software Installation

Note: At this point you must have the modem physically installed. If not follow the instructions in "Physically installing a modem".

Start out in the Windows 95 desktop

Double-click on the icon "My Computer".

Note: The modem manufacturers provide a disk which has a driver that is used in installing the modem. You will need this disk during the install procedure.

The "My Computer" Window will open.

Next double click on the "Control Panel" icon .

The "Control Panel" window will now open.


Double-click the "Add New Hardware" icon which is found on the top row.

The "Add New Hardware Wizard" window will open.

This window has 3 buttons. The Back button is grayed out and cannot be pressed. The Cancel button is used to end this process without making any changes.

To proceed press the Next button  

The next "Add New Hardware Wizard." page will be shown.

At this point you must decide whether to use the automatic installation or the manual way (which requires a disk from the manufacturer).

Note: Selecting the Yes (Recommended) option is easier but could result in not being able to detect newer modems. Selecting No, means you need to have the disk needed to install the modem, which is normally provided by the manufacturer or can be found on the internet in the Companies listing).

The graphic below will now take you to the section ( Yes or No) that you've decided to go next (recommend you select No if you have the disk from the manufacturer).

To continue, place your mouse over the Yes (Recommended) or No area and click. ( Or just scroll down this page).

If you have selected "Yes (Recommended)"

If you have selected No .

After Selecting 'No" Press the Next button

The "Add New Hardware Wizard" 3rd page will open. 

With the mouse click on the "Modem" selection shown inside the white text box.

When clicked the "Mouse" selection with be highlighted in blue. Now press the Next button on the bottom right corner of the window.

The "Install New Modem" window will open.

At this point you must decide whether to let the computer detect the modem or to select the modem from a list

Both methods will be shown below. For now you can check on the "Don't detect my modem I will select it from a list" check box if you have a driver disk from the modem manufacturer.

if you don't check the box go to step B.

A. You have a disk. (Don't detect my modem; I will select it from a list)

you have checked the box

Now, press the Next button

The "Install New Modem" Manufacturers/Models window will open.

At this point you have two options. You can scroll through the manufacturers selection and the Models selection until you find the modem you are trying to install and press the Enter button or you can press the Have Disk button. Again if you do have a disk it is recommended to press the "Have Disk" button.

1) Make a selection from the list

2) Press the "Have Disk" button

The "Install From Disk" window will open.

A text box with "A:\" is shown in the center of the window. This default path points to the floppy drive where you should now insert your disk. You normally just leave this as is.

Note: If for some reason the driver is on a CD-ROM you will need to press the Browse button and look for the directory where the file is located.

Assuming you have the floppy disk with the driver for your modem, you only need to press the the OK button

Note: Some manufacturers place the needed file on the floppy inside a folder. If when you press the OK button you do not get a listing showing your modem, then look for any other folders by clicking on the browse button and looking through any other folders that might be on the disk.

The "Install New Modem" Models window will open showing all available models that are included in the diskette. 

You need to select the modem you have installed in your computer and press the Next button.

The "Install New Modem" Modem selection window will now open. 

You need to select a Com1 or Com2 or Com3 from the "Select the port to use with this modem" list box.

To continue press Next .

The "Install New Modem" ...Please wait window will be shown.

The computer will run for a bit and then the "Install New Modem" ...successfully window will be shown.

Finally press the Finish button.  

B. Let the computer detect the modem

At this point you have not checked the box and continue by pressing the Next button  

The "Install New Modem" Please wait..detect modem. window will open. 

The "checking" and "status" text boxes inside the window will display some technical words as the modem is tested.

In a few moments the "Verify Modem" window will open. The com port and modem found will be displayed along with a Change, Cancel and Next buttons.

Note: Pressing the change button will take you to the "Install New Modems" Manufacturers/Models window, allowing you to select from the predefined models stored within windows 95.

Assuming the correct modem was detected, you press the Next button to proceed.

After several moments the "Install New Modem" modem...successful window will open.

Finally you press the Finish button and the window will close. The modem is now installed.

One final thing, the modem should at this point be tested and have the configuration set up for an internet service provider (ISP). To do this follow this hyperlink to the sections




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