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Startup Disk | Windows95 |

General Information

A boot disk, is a floppy diskette which is specially formatted under windows 95 containing enough files to allow the user to boot the computer under emergency conditions.

You can obtain a download file that can create a bootable floppy disk from this page of our site.

How to....

How to create a boot disk.

1) Open the Control Panel.
2) Double Click the "Add/Remove Programs" icon to open the program
    The "Add/Remove Programs Properties" window will open
3) Click the "Startup Disk" tab on the top right of the window
4) Click the "Create Disk" button.

You will be prompted to insert a diskette in the drive.

Depending on how you installed windows, you might need to insert the Windows 95 CD-ROM disk in the drive so that the needed files can be copied. Systems that came pre-installed with windows might already have the needed files on the hard drive, and will not ask you to insert the windows CD disk.

Note: The disk must be a High Density and the write protect tab must be disabled. You can check this by looking at the top right and left corners of the diskette. It has a square hole in each corner. When the Write Protect is disabled, the tab inside the hole is moved so you can NOT see through the hole. So when you look at the diskette, you will only be able to see through just one hole.

The files contained on the startup disk are listed at the "Windows 95 Files" page.

Statup Disk ( Boot Disk ) Files for windows 95b ( OSR2 )  - all files have a date stamp of "08/24/96 11:11a"

Note : Download these files to a temporary folder and then copy them to the root folder because if you have a different version of Windows and mix the system files with the ones below you can have problems. Only place these files on the root drive when you are absolutely sure you are running Windows 95b.

More information on the Startup Disk can be found in the "Windows 95 Startup Disk" page.

- file name -   --..--   - file size - 
ATTRIB.EXE --- 15,252  download attrib.exe,
CHKDSK.EXE 28,096 download chkdsk.exe,
COMMAND.COM 93,812  download,
CONFIG.SYS *** Note 2
DEBUG.EXE 20,554  download debug.exe,
DELTREE.EXE 19,019  download deltree.exe,
DRVSPACE.BIN 65,271  download drvspace.bin,
EDIT.COM 69,886  download,
EXTRACT.EXE 46,656  download extract.exe,
FDISK.EXE 63,116  download fdisk.exe,
FIND.EXE 6,658  download find.exe,
FORMAT.COM 49,543  download,
HIMEM.SYS 33,191  download himem.sys,
IO.sys 214,836  download io.sys, hidden system file
LABEL.EXE 9,324  download label.exe,
MEM.EXE 32,146  download mem.exe,
MOVE.EXE 27,235  download move.exe,
MSCDEX.EXE 25,473  download mscdex.exemore info,
MSDOS.SYS 9  download msdos.sys, hidden system file
Note: follow the links and when you see the link that says "Click Here to Download" right click on the link and select SaveAS. Otherwise the browser will mistakenly show you the file rather then download it.
REGEDIT.EXE 105,984  download regedit.exe,
SCANDISK.EXE 142,353  download scandisk.exe,
SCANDISK.INI 7,332  download scandisk.ini,
SYS.COM 18,967  download,
UNINSTAL.EXE 76,496  download uninstal.exe,
XCOPY.EXE 3,878  download xcopy.exe,
XCOPY32.EXE 41,472  download xcopy32.exe,

You can also obtain a download file that can create a bootable floppy disk from


Note 1:

When making a boot disk, the autoexec.bat contents are...


device=a:\cdromdrv.sys /d:MSCD001      



DOS based programs using a driver would have "device=c:\cdrom\cdromdrv.sys /d:MSCD001"

When making a boot disk, the config.sys contents are...

When making a boot disk, the config.sys contents are...

A:\mscdex.exe /d: mscd001      




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