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How to create a DSN in FrontPage 97 - 

Start by opening the Front Page Editor.

Click on File at the top of the menu, then from the pop-down select New


The "New Page" window will open.

Using the mouse scroll the List Box until you find the item "Database Connector Wizard" and click on it to select ( this will cause it to highlight in blue).

next press the OK button .

The "Internet Database Connector Wizard" window will open.

Place the cursor in the ODBC data source text box and type in it the name you want to give to the file (example TS_jobs )

Next with the mouse click the white check box to the left of Username so that a check mark shows

The check box to the left of Password in this case would be left unchecked, and NO advanced options are needed.

Note: The default SQL server login uses a Username of sa (system administrator) and NO password (password is blank). If the server you are using requires a valid login with a password then of course the correct Username and password must be entered in these text boxes.

Also, the text boxes to the right of Username and Password are "grayed out" whenever the checkboxes are unchecked.

Next, the "Query results template" entry needs to be made.

If you get in the habit of creating the "Query results template" before creating this IDC you will be a able to press the Browse button and select the file you have already created. If you don't have the file created then you must be careful to record the name you manually type in the "query results template" text box (with a htx extension) so that when you create the file afterward you can save it with the name you used here.

Assuming you have already created the file you press the "Browse" button

the "Current Web" Window will open.

Now you need to select the appropriate folder and remember in this case all the database templates are in the "IDC_folder" folder so you need to change the directory as follows:

double click on the icon

The contents of the folder will be shown and you can use the mouse to select the file name you need (remember the file has an htx extension ).

On the next screen add an SQL query and the following screen any parameters and press Finish.





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