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General Information

FrontPage is a program used in the construction of web sites. It allows you to build a web site "Live" meaning you create the pages on the server and they are immediately accessible. There is no need to FTP the pages to the server. On the downside, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) must support FrontPage97 so you need to check and make sure they do.

Additionally, the ISP must provide support for Active Server Pages (ASP) before you can use ASP pages. ODBC support must also be provided separate from the standard FP97 operations.

ISPs that run UNIX only servers will not be able to provide ASP and ODBC since these two functions operate on a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 server only.

FrontPage97 works well with the Microsoft Internet Information Server 3.0 (IIS 3.0) and can be used to build Internet or Intranet sites.

Following is an overview using FrontPage97 (FP97).

The web sites are created on the Root web. The actual location of this web is in the server's hard drive in the "\InetPub\wwwroot\" folder. Each web will be a folder inside the "\InetPub\wwwroot\" folder and if your web has folders of its own they will be imbedded inside the web folder.

Trying to make webs within webs is not recommended.

Each web you design will be created in a folder inside the "\InetPub\wwwroot\" folder.

FP97 comes with several built-in web shells that can be used to get you going.

FP97 also has Webbots which are special objects that can be included in a web page. These objects are added to a page and several parameters are set to make them operational. An example is the Search Webbot. You can select Insert, WebBot component, and select the Search from the provided pop-up menu. A rectangular section with the required buttons and text field will be added to your page and you are ready to go.

Additionally, ActiveX, JavaScript and HTML script can be added to a page. One thing to remember is that generally ActiveX runs with Microsoft's Internet Explorer but not with Netscape Navigator unless you add special-add in programs provided by third parties.

ActiveX is a nice and quick way of adding functionality to a web site and uses Visual Basic like code.

Some of the general items used for starter sites are:


How to...







Behind a Firewall

To allow FrontPage 97 to operate behind a firewall, from the top menu select Tools, Options

The Options screen will be displayed

Click on the Proxies Tab, The Option/Proxies screen will be displayed

Enter the Proxy Server's IP address (or IP name) in the HTTP: Proxy text box

Note: The program will default to the standard port address 80. If your proxy server is accepting data on a different port (as is the case on the Wingate tutorial on this site), you will need to append the port number after the address. As an example, the Wingate proxy server is at The entry in the HTTP Proxy text box would be

In the List of Hosts text box, you can enter the name of the computer on which FP97 is running. In the case of the Wingate tutorial example the entry would be


and the "Do not use proxy server for local addresses" check box would be checked.

In doing this, if you have both a site on the internet and a site on the local computer, access to the local site would not go through the proxy server.

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