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WordPerfect 5.1 | Applications |

General Information

The program "Word Perfect" is now Owned by Corel Corp. The 5.1 version is not sold any more.

There are also patches available at the Corel site. Printer Drivers are also available.


Getting Help in WordPerfect

Pressing the <F3> key once will open the Help selection window. This does not look like much but it is a very powerful jump off point to the rest of the help. The help is broken down alphabetically and pressing any key will give you the listing of help for subjects that start with the letter of the key you pressed.

For instance if you want help on printing, you would press <F3> and the key <P> which would show you a new screen with all the Pxxxx commands which have help available. The keystrokes needed to perform the desired command are listed to the right of the command name.

Finally to exit the help screen press the space bar.

Opening a document:

To open a document in you press the F5 key, the cursor will move to the bottom left corner and a default document will be shown. At this point if you know the document name you want you can type it in and press the enter key.

A much better way is to press the <F5> key again, which will pop-up a listing of all of the files in the default directory.

You then use the cursor keys to highlight the document you want and press the number 1 or the <R> key to retrieve the document.

Note: pressing the <enter> key at this point will only open the document for viewing and you will not be able to modify it.


Saving a document

A document can be save in two ways, by exiting WordPerfect and allowing the program to save the document or by just saving the document and leaving it on the screen.

1) Exit WordPerfect and save the document by pressing the <F7> key. The program will prompt on the bottom of the screen with "Save Document ? Yes No" and which point you press the <Y> key and the program asks for the document name. If the name is there you can press <enter> to accept it or just type in a name and press the <enter> key.

2) Pressing the <F10> key and typing in the name of the document. Of course if the document has already been saved once before you do not need to type the name back in but simply to press the <enter> key.


Printing a document

To print a document you press the keys <Shift> <F7> at the same time (you can first place one finger on the shift key and hold it and with the other hand press the <F7> key.

The Print selection windew will appear. At this point you can press the <S> key which will open a new window listing all the available printers. Use the cursor arrow keys to select the desired printer, and press the <S> key. The printer will be selected and you will be pack to Print selection screen.

Having selected your printer, you can now print by pressing a key as shown in the displayed selection (or the associated numbers 1 to 7).

For instance, pressing the numeral 2 or the letter <P> will print out the current page.

You can also print out the whole document or selected pages by pressing the appropriate buttons..


Control V Codes (<Ctrl><V>)

WordPerfect 5.1 <Control><V> codes

TM ™
OR « Registered
OC ęCopyright
/4 1/4
/2 1/2
-+ +/-
L- British pound
Y= Y with double slash through it
PI Paragraph
?? upside down question mark
!! upside down exclamation point
<< left double less than signs
>> right double greater than signs
-- double long dash
~~ equivalent to
== ===
=> greater then or equal to sign
=< smaller than or equal to sign
=/ not equal to sign

Blocking Selected Text

In WordPerfect 5.1, in order to block selected text:

After you select blocking <Alt> <F4>

Selection Resulting selected text
<Space> One word
<Period> One sentence
<Enter> 1 Paragraph
<Home><End> One line
<Home><Down> End of Screen
<Home<Home><Down> End of Document

Displaying the Macro Editor Command List

In WordPerfect 5.1, while in the macro editor:

To display the command list
press: <Enter> <PgUp>

<Ctrl> <V> for commands

Bullets equivalents:
*. small bullet
** large bullet
*o small hollow bullet
*O large hollow bullet

Word Perfect's clipboard limit is 128 characters

To use, block text, press <Enter> <PgUp> then 0 through 9 # & <Enter>

To restore <Alt> 0 through 9 #

Printer Drivers Listing ...Printer Drivers @ Corel Link

WordPerfect Printer Drivers
WPHP53 HP-4l LaserJet
WPMS50 HP DeskJet 500
WPDM1.all Epson800, LQ1050

Start-up Switches

/NK No keyboard
/NE No Expanded



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