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Problems with....

..."MFWIN20", "SHWIN20.DLL"...

"Unable to run c:\office\shared\wpc20\mfwin20.exe /i-us /#."
"MFWIN20 Caused a GPF in SHWIN20.DLL @ xxxxxx"

The error "Unable to run c:\office\shared\wpc20\mfwin20.exe /i-us /#." is caused by a bad file "WPCset.bif"
which is in the windows directory.

wpcset_bif.gif (2964 bytes) Open Microsoft Explorer (Start Programs "Windows Explorer", right click on the file "wpcset.bif" and select Delete from the pop-up menu to delete the file..

To make word perfect work you must delete or rename the file "WPCSET.BIF" in the Windows directory and run word perfect again. Word Perfect rebuilds it after you exit and re-enter it.

Errors involving the file shwinb20.DLL can also sometimes be fixed as stated above.

The above fix has also worked in a Win 3.x environment on several occasions.

Some additional troubleshooting tips

1. Run scandisk to see if there are any bad files.
2. Change the swap file to a temporary swap file and reboot the computer


..."Divide by zero" error while Opening Documents

This problem is probably caused by an incorrect printer selection. For instance, if you selected a Generic printer as the default printer and then you retrieved a document that was saved with a Laser Printer selected that could cause a problem.

Try changing your default printer to match what you have installed on your computer.

..."Unable to scan/OCR using Textbridge

Problem: When scanning text into word perfect the scan is OK and the text opens up in word perfect but it does not seem to recognize all the letters in the document. Randomly some letters are recognized.

Solution: In WordPerfect Select from the top menu
Preferences , the Preferences menu will open
Double click on the Convert icon, The convert preferences window will open
On the bottom of the window there is a section called "Windows Metafile Options"
In that section click on the option "Retain in both WMF and WPG formats"
Click the OK button to close the window
Click the Close button to close the preferences window
That should do it.

..."Invalid Dynamic Link Call to a .DLL file"

Invalid Dynamic Link Call to a .DLL file  
Might be caused by an installation of Internet Explorer 4.0

Spell Checker

The Spell Checker icon is grayed out 
Correct the path information to the *.EXE file of the Speller, Thesaurus or Grammatik in the WTAPI.INI file. Verify the executable files for the programs exist in the WPC20 directory. (excerpt from the Corel document).






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