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Repairing Corrupt Documents - ,

Many times a corrupt Word Perfect document can be saved by using the following method.

Basically, you create a new document and place at least one character in this new document.

Then, from the top menu select Insert File and using the pop-up explorer like window find the bad file and select it. Quiet often the file is repaired when the corrupt document is read into the new document. Afterward you can save this new file under a different file name and hopefully it will be in good shape. This process is detailed below.

1) Insert the file into a document which only has one character on it.

Open Word Perfect

Create a New document (File New)

WP6_InsertFile.gif (2311 bytes)

The Insert File window will open

WP6_InsertFile1.gif (7704 bytes)


Find the file that is corrupt and after selecting it press the Insert key on the top right corner of the window.

Then save the file (File SaveAs)

The new file will hopefully be fixed.


2) Save using the older WordPerfect 5.1 format

Using this method you basically load the document into word perfect

Then you File SaveAs the document and in the Save window, on the bottom of the screen at "Save As File Type" you select "WordPerfect 5.1/5.2" and give the document a new name (i.e. New.doc).

Then exit WordPerfect and open it again. This time load the new document you (i.e. New.doc).

Hopefully the file will be fixed


The Corel WPD8REST.exe program

If all else fails, try downloading the Repair Utility WPD8REST.EXE program from the Corel FTP site

...The Fix program @ Corel FTP Link,





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