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Install a WordPerfect Printer | Applications | Word Perfect 6.x | How To... |

Install Printer, Print Document to File


To Install a printer in WordPerfect 6.x for windows.

Click on "File" at the top left corner of the Window  AddPrint_1.gif (1095 bytes)

The File pop-down menu will open. Clickon Print

WP6x_FilePrint.gif (2391 bytes)

The print window will open.

WP6x_SelectPrinter.gif (3522 bytes)

Click on the "Add Printer" button.

WP6x_SelectPrinterAddPrinterWP.gif (3789 bytes)

When you click "Add Printer" a small pop-up will appear with 2 selections "Word Perfect" and "Windows"

Click on "Word Perfect" as shown above.

The "Add Printer Screen" will open.

WP6x_AddPrinter.gif (3910 bytes)

Click on the "Change" button.

The "Select Directory" Screen will open

WP6x_AddPrinterSelectDir1.gif (8578 bytes)

You will now have to change the "Drive" and "Directories" selection to find the "Printers" folder in the WordPerfect CD-ROM.

First click on the down arrow to the right of the "Drives" selection, the pop-down window will drop down and you should now select the CD-ROM drive (make sure you have your WordPerfect CD-ROM disk in the drive. Now click on the CD-ROM drive

Next, double-click on the "d:\" within the "Directories" box (your drive assignment might be another letter such as E:\), and look for the folder named "Printers" (This might be within another folder.)

When you have found the folder 'printers' within the "Directories" box, click on the OK button on the top right of the window.

WP6x_AddPrinterSelectDir_Printers.gif (1523 bytes)

The "Add Printer" Screen will again be shown.

WP6x_AddPrinter.gif (3910 bytes)

Click on the "Additional Printers" selection

The Printers box within this window should now show all the available printers. ( You might get an error message that 'not all printers can be displayed' , this is normal, just press the "OK" button to continue).

Find your printer within the "Printers" white selection box and place a checkmark to the left of the printer by clicking on the small square box to the left of the printer name.

Click the OK button to continue

You might be asked to "Create a file name". If you do see this message accept the default name given to you and press OK to continue

At this point the printer will be installed and you will see a quick pop-up window showing the installation progress.

When the installation is complete, the "Select Printer" window will again be shown.

WP6x_SelectPrinter.gif (3522 bytes)

Click on the "Close" button to finish the installation.

To print a document to a File rather than the printer.

Close Word Perfect

Open WordPerfect

Select from the top left of the menu, | File | Print |

The "Print" Screen will open


WP6x_Print1.gif (7506 bytes)

Click on the Printer button, this will show you a selection pop-up with "WordPerfect" and "Printer" as selections.

Click on 'WordPerfect"

WP6x_Print2.gif (7741 bytes)

Next Click on the Select button

The Select Printer screen will open

WP6x_SelectPrinter1.gif (3804 bytes)

Click on "Specific Printer" and select the printer you want to use for for formatting the data to be written to the file.

Next click on the Options button and click on "Setup" from the drop-down.

The "Printer Setup" screen will show

WP6x_PrinterSetup1.gif (6094 bytes)

Click on the "Destination . Port" selection

WP6x_PrinterSetupFile.gif (1031 bytes)

select "File" from the pop-up menu


WP6x_PrinterSetup.gif (6018 bytes)

Check on "Prompt for Filename" and Enter in the "Filename" text box the name you want to use for saving the document.

Click OK

the screen will close and the "Select printer" screen will be shown

If you carefully look in the "Selected Printer" text box, you should now see an entry like "Laserjet III on c:\filename."

Click close

The "Select printer" screen will close and you will now again see the "Print" screen.

Press the "Print" button,

A window will open showing the file name

Press "OK" to allow your file to be printed to a file rather than a printer.

You should now have a file on your computer's drive.



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