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DeskScan II | Applications



Start the program by double clicking on the DeskScan icon

or by selecting the program from the task bar by

clicking the Start button then selecting which will show you all the available programs on your computer.

Select the "HP Deskscan II" folder and then select the "HP Deskscan II"

File name found inside the folder.

The DeskScan II window will open as shown below

Place the document you want scanned in the scanner and close the lid.

Before the scan you must set up the Type and Path settings. These settings have a large impact on the size of the file and the quality of the scan (see the explanation at "Scanners/General Information" )

Press on the down-arrow located to the right of the Type: selection box

a drop-down list will appear,

Select the "Millions of Colors" from the selection by clicking on it

Press the down-arrow located to the right of the "Path" selection box

Select the "Screen" option from the drop-down list that appears by clicking on the word "Screen"

Press the "Preview" button

The "scanning the preview image" window will show up momentarily and the scanner will perform the scan

The scanned preview image will be displayed on the right of the screen

An image is normally pre-selected upon scanning and a black border is placed around the selected image. You can change what part you want to finally store by placing you cursor on any edge of this border ( a black line that forms a square around the image) and when the cursor changes from an white thick arrow to a double sided think black arrow, you click on the edge and drag to resize it.

Next click on the Final button.

The "save as" dialog box will appear.

Here you need to type in a name and if you need to select a different folder. It is important to save the file in a folder that you can find later so you can load the picture into a Photographic program.

The "Save As Type" selection box normally defaults to "MS Windows 3.0 Bitmap". You can leave this setting as is for maximum compatibility with the Photographic program.

Type in a name in the File Name Text box. ( in this case you can type in Picture1 ). The extension .BMP will be added automatically.

Press the Save button, the scanner will once again scan the image and this time save it to the disk.

The saved image can now be used for adding to documents or for modifying the image

You can now close the DeskScan program by selecting "File" "Exit" from the top selection menu.

You can now include your picture inside a document like Microsoft Word .

Alternately you can open a Photo Editing program and modify the picture.

The saved picture in this case was scanned in at 75 dots per inch (75dpi) and used 16.7 million colors for a file size.

This setting is in most cases more than what you need for sending a picture to a friend or for printing to a color printer.

With a few exceptions, a picture which was scanned in at the "Millions" of colors setting can be converted to a 256 color setting which will make the picture much smaller in size.

This is explained in the tutorial "Making a Scanned Image smaller in size"





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