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General Information

ICQ (pronounced : I seek you) was developed by Mirabilis in 1997 as a free service.. The service was purchased by AOL and as of late 1998 is still a free service. 

ICQ is a "free form" chat program which allows two people to communicate with each other after both install the ICQ program on their computers. The ICQ program , which can be obtained for free as a download, is installed and a User ID is obtained from ICQ. The program always monitors the computer and activates when a user connects to the internet. Users are added to a list of contacts. When a user is on-line the ICQ program detects this and can let the other person know that the user is on-line and available for communication.

Communications are mostly made using the Chat, Message, and File transfer functions.

In the chat mode, one user asks for a chat by sending a request to another user. If the other user accepts the request, a split window appears which allows one user to type on the top half and the other to type on the bottom half. As the users type on their keyboards they both see each others typing in real time. This is very handy.

Messages can be send from one user to another by simply typing the message on a pop-up window. The person receiving the message will get a flashing icon on the windows task bar to indicate a message is waiting.

Files can also be transferred easily by simply selecting the File option from the menu.

Many Hoaxes are perpetuated by users ICQ . Typically a user receives a messages saying " you must forward this message or you will be charged $$$ dollars". These are not real and can be ignored. The best thing to do is to go to the ICQ home page and read the latest news. Another good source of hoaxes is the internet site, a link of which is provided below. The hoaxes are periodically updated on that site.





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