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Info Select 3.0 Shortcuts

Help F1
Edit Selector Enter
End Selector Edit Enter
Expand/Collapse Topic Spacebar or Double-click
New Note F7 or N
New Topic L or Enter from caption-edit mode
New Record Shift+Ctrl+R or R
New Text Field Shift+Ctrl+T
New Number Field Shift+Ctrl+N
Search F2 or G
Print F8 or P
Delete Item Del or T or F5
Dialer F9
Duplicate O+D
Split O+S
Join O+J
Move D+M
Write D+W
Enter/Exit Edit Mode F4 or E
Exit Edit Mode Esc
Upper Case Shift+Ctrl+A
Lower Case Ctrl+W
Join Lines Ctrl+J
Bold Ctrl+B
Underline Ctrl+U
Italic Ctrl+I
Center Text Ctrl+E
Left Justify Ctrl+L
Copy Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Ins
Paste Ctrl+V or Shift+Ins or Esc+P*
Cut Ctrl+X or Shift+Del
Append Ctrl+P
Undo Ctrl+Z
Delete Word Ctrl+T or Ctrl+Del
Delete Previous Word Ctrl+Backspace
Delete Line Ctrl+Y
Select Text** Shift+Arrow
Select All Text** Ctrl+Shift+End
Select One Word Ctrl+Shift+Arrow
Find Text in Note Ctrl+F
Find Next Ctrl+N
View Searched Items Right Arrow
View All Items Left Arrow
View All Keep Current Shift+Left Arrow
Go to Top of Topic Home
Go to Bottom of Topic End
Go to Overview Ctrl+Home
Go to Selector Bottom Ctrl+End
Prev Page - Selector** PgUp
Next Page - Selector** PgDn
Browse Backward edits Alt+Backspace
Browse Forward edits Shift+Alt+Backspace
Sroll Page Down Note Plus Key
Scroll Page Up Note Minus Key
Place Top Alt+Home
Place Bottom Alt+End
Selector Minimize Alt+1
Selector Normal Alt+2
Selector Maximize Alt+3
Time Ctrl+M or Esc+T*
Date Ctrl+D or Esc+D*
Count Ctrl+K or Esc+K*
Save F3 or D+S or Ctrl+S
Open F6 or D+L or Ctrl+O
Close D+C
Place Above Previous Alt+Up Arrow
Place Below Next Alt+Down Arrow
Promote (to left) Alt+Left Arrow or Shift+Tab
Demote (to right) Alt+Right Arrow or Tab
Add to Filter Ctrl+Right Arrow
Remove From Filter Ctrl+Left Arrow
Multi-line description Ctrl+Enter
Change Begin of Task Shift+Up/Down Arrow**
Change End of Task Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow**
Change Time of Task Ctrl+Shift+Arrow**
View Next Calendar Alt+Ctrl+C
View Records/Fields Ctrl+Tab
Next Record Plus Key
Previous Record Minus Key
Expand/Collapse All Ctrl+Alt+Space
Collapse Parent Topic Ctrl+Spacebar
Change into Note Alt+Ctrl+N
Change into Topic Alt+Ctrl+T
Reserved Options Shift+F8
Technical Options Shift+F9
Move Window ** Esc, then Ctrl+Arrows*
Size Window ** Esc, then Shift+Arrows*
* Must enable "Double Esc" in Options-Version Compatability
** Not listed on menus




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