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The Communicator Proxy settings need to be changed if you plan to connect the browser through a proxy server.

Select Edit from the menu at the top of the screen. The Edit pop-down menu will appear

With the mouse select the "Preferences" selection

The Netscape Preferences window will appear.


Click on the + sign in front of the selection "Advanced" to display the sub-selections.

Click on the Proxies selection to view the "Advanced/Proxies" screen

the screen on the right will display the Proxies options

click on the "Manual Proxy configuration radio button

Then click on the "View" button

The "Manual Proxy Configuration" screen will appear


Place the mouse in the appropriate box and make entries as needed.

For the Wingate proxy server, the entry in the HTTP text box is the IP address of the computer which is running the Wingate program. The port entry 81 is the same number placed in the WWW service of Wingate at the General tab on the text box "accept connections on port:".

When you are finished press the <OK> button, then <OK> once again to exit the preferences window.



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