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Installing the Server

Netware Server can be installed on a blank Hard Drive or on a drive that already has a disk operating system and data in place.

To install on a blank hard drive, you should at a minimum create a 10mb partition and install DOS on that partition. Leave the remainder of the space empty to be used as a Netware partition later on in the installation.

To install on a drive that already has data in place, you need to have about 20mb of free space just to get the server software in place. Much more is needed for data as well. Normally if you anticipated the installation you would have made the drive partition smaller than the whole drive. For example, if you have a 100mb hard drive and use FDISK to partition it, you would make the partition 85mb leaving the remaining 15 megabytes as free space. Netware would use this as the volume. Of course this example assumes you have lots of data and only want to allocate a small amount of space for the server which is not practical. In reality the Netware volume would be almost the whole drive and the DOS volume just a small part.

  1. Boot the computer with DOS using a floppy or the hard drive
  2. Use FDISK to make 1 minimum size partition for DOS

If data is already on the drive you can use a partitioning program like Partition Magic (Power Quest) to make the current partition smaller.

  1. Reboot the computer
  2. Format the hard drive format c:/s (the /s transfers the system files making the drive bootable)
  3. Reboot the computer again

Note: You must not run any memory managers in the config.sys file

  1. Put the Install Disk into the drive and run the INSTALL.BAT file
    ... you will see the installation screen
    * install new v3.12
    * upgrade netware v3.1x
    * display information (readme)
    ... select install new
  2. The "Disk Partition Options" window will be displayed with the options
    - Retain current disk partitions
    - Create a new DOS partition

    Since we assume you have DOS installed select "Retain current disk partitions" and press <Enter> to continue.
  3. The "Enter Server Name" window will be displayed
    Type in a name for your server and press <Enter>
  4. The "Enter IPX Internal Network Number" window will now be displayed
    A default random IPX number is preset there and you can accept that by just pressing <Enter>

    { write this number down, you will use it later }
  5. The "Source Path" and "Destination Path" window will be shown next
    Press <F2> to change the source drive from A to B if needed.
    The destination path will default to Server.312 and this should be accepted by pressing <Enter> . To change the destination path press <F4>
  6. The computer will now copy the files into the DOS directory Server.312
  7. First the computer will ask for the disk "Netware 3.12 SYSTEM_1"
    Put the disk in the drive and press <Enter>

    Then the computer will ask for the disk "Netware 3.12 SYSTEM_1"
    Insert the disk and press <Enter>
  8. The computer will next ask for the disk "Netware 3.12 UNICODE"
    Put the disk in the drive and press <Enter>.
  9. A window will be displayed asking for the locale settings
  • Country Code
  • Code Page
  • keyboard mapping

Press <Enter> to view the choices, make your selection and press <F10> to accept the settings and continue.

  1. The next options have to do with the style of Filenames used. It is reccomended you choose the "DOS filename format" and press enter.
  3. Next the window for the "special startup commands" will be shown
    Select No and <Enter> to continue
  4. The next window asks you if you want the server to be loaded automatically at boot up by making an entry in the autoexec.bat file.

    You should choose Yes and <Enter> to continue

    The path "c:\autoexec.bat" will be displayed so you can verify it

    Press <Enter> to continue.
  5. ...the computer will now load the Server and will display the server name on the screen as in "Server312:"
  6. Now that the server is at least active (not very functional yet) the hard drive drivers needs to be activated

    Type at the prompt "load IDE" <enter>
    the computer will ask you for the I/O port which should default to 1F0 (the standard IDE port)
    press <enter> to accept this
    Next the computer will ask you for the Interrupt Number and the supported numbers will be shown on the screen (including possibly the letters A to F)
    'E' is the normal IDE Interrupt value.
    Press <enter> to continue
  7. Now type

    load install.nlm <enter>

    to start the install.nlm program
  8. the Main install menu appears with the options

    Disk Options
    Volume Options
    System Options
    Product Options
  9. Highlight the Disk Options and press <Enter>
    The "Available Disk Options" screen will appear

    - Disk options
    ...- Format (optional)
    ...- Partition tables
    ...- Mirroring
    ...- Surface test (optional)

    Select the Partition tables option and press <Enter>
    The "Partition Options" screen will be displayed
    Select "Create Netware Partition" and press <Enter> (1 per disk allowed)
    The "partition information" screen will appear with the settings already selected for you to allocate all the free hard drive space to the netware partition

    Accept this settings and press <Escape> to accept the settings.
    You will be asked to confirm the Partition creation
    Select Yes and press <Enter>
  10. Press <Escape> to go back to the "Available Disk Options" screen.
  11. Press <Escape> to go back to the "Installation Options" screen.
  12. Select the "Volume Options" and press <Enter>

    A blank "volumes" screen will appear.

    Press the <Ins> key

    The "New Volume Information" screen will appear.

    You can accept the default settings which will make the volume equal to the partitioned drive, by pressing the <Escape> key.

    The "Create Volume" confirmation screen will appear, select Yes and press <Enter>

    The volume is now created but it is NOT mounted yet
    With SYS volume hightlighted press <enter> which will take you back into the volume screen
    In the volume screen highlight highlight the status press <enter> and changed the selectionto MOUNTED and press <enter>

  13. When the computer is done creating the volume, the volume name SYS will be shown in the "Volumes" screen.

    Press <Escape> to return to the Installation Options
  14. Now that the Netware volume has been created its time to copy the files to it.

    Select the "System options" entry and press <Enter>

    The "Available System Options" screen will appear

    Select the "Copy System and Public Files" entry and press <Enter>

    You will be asked to insert disks as shown below, enter the disks and press <enter> after each one.

    Netware 3.12 Install Diskette"
    Netware Unicode" ( many files will be copied...could take a long time)
    Netware 3.12 System_1
    Netware 3.12 System_2
    Netware 3.12 System_3
    Netware 3.12 System_4
    Netware 3.12 System_5
    Netware 3.12 System_6
    Netware 3.12 System_7
    Netware 3.12 System_8

    Finally you will get the message "File Upload Complete, Press <Escape> to continue"

    Press <Escape>

    You will be returned to the "Available System Options" screen

  15. At this point you should activate the LAN network card driver

    This gets kind of tricky, because you already are in the install module. What you need to do is to Press <Cntrl> <Escape>. This will allow you to switch to the prompt and still leave the install module active. When you press Cntrl Escape you will see the DOS screen and the options
    1. system console
    2. install screen

    Press the number 1 and <enter> which will take you to the server prompt

    now type
    load ne2000 <enter>
    the computer will ask you for the I/O port and Interrupt number
    the defaults are 300 and 3, enter these and press Enter

    next type
    bind ipx to ne2000 <enter>

    the computer will ask you for the network number. this number is the one
    this is the number you wrote down in step 9

    type in the network number and press <Enter>

    now again press <Cntrl><Escape> and select 2.install screen and press <Enter>
  16. Select the entry "Create AUTOEXEC.NCF" and press <Enter>

    The "File Server Autoexec.ncf file" screen will open and show you the following:
    file server name Server312 { or whatever you named the server }
    ipx internal net 123D456B { what whatever you entered earlier in the setup }

    to accept these entries press the <Escape> key and select Yes to the prompt for saving the file.
  17. Again from the "Available System Options" screen select "Create STARTUP.NCF" and press <Enter>

    The computer will ask you to verify the path c:\server.312\startup.ncf

    Press <enter> to accept this,

    The "File Server Startup.ncf File" screen will be displayed showing the following
    load IDE port=1F0 int=E {or other settings you might have had to use in place of the default IDE settings }

    Press <Escape> to accept this entry and select Yes from the prompt to save the file

  18. You will once again be returned to the "Available systems Options" where you can select "Return to Main Menu"
  20. Next load the network drivers (LAN)
    - Load the network driver for the card
    load ne2000 <enter>
    you are prompted for I/O settings
    - Bind the card to a protocol
    bind ipx to ne2000
    you are asked for the network #
  21. Bind additional frame types if needed
  22. Add TCP/IP support
    load tcpip
  23. in Install
    - Create the startup.ncf file
    - Create the autoexec.bat file
  24. using Product Options
    - Install macintosh nlm's



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