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Netware 3.12 Printing | Applications | Netware 3.12

Printing in Netware 3.12


Banner Printing

To change printing so that a banner prints or to remove a banner.

log on to the server as SUPERVISOR.

change to the public directory

run the print configuration program

PRINTCON <enter>

the print configuration screen will be displayed

...Available Options
Edit Print Job Configurations
Select Default Print Job Configuration
Copy Print Job Configuration

Select the "Edit Print Job Configuration" with the arrows and press <enter>

The "Print Job Configurations" screen will appear.

...Print Job Configurations

press the enter key. If you have forms defined the configuration screen will be displayed, otherwise you will get the error "No forms defined on server xxxxx; therefore, you will not be able to change the form, unless you change the server first. <Press ESCAPE to continue>".

When the configuration screen appears move the cursor to the right and select "Print banner". Then press either the N or the Y key to select the options Yes or No and press <enter>. Selecting Yes will print a banner , selecting NO will NOT print a banner.

Press <Esc> to finish, the computer will ask you if you want to save the changes. Select Yes. Press <Esc> twice to exit print con and respond with Yes when the computer asks you if you want to save the changes.

Note: if after making the above changes (say from printing a banner to NOT printing a banner and the printer did not follow your directions and its still print the banner, try turning off the capture and turning it back on.

ENDCAP <enter>

CAPTURE /QUEUE=yourQueueName <enter>

Then log off and log back on again and see if the change was finalized.




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