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Netware 3.12 | Applications |

General Information

The Netware 3.12 operating system has been superceded by versions 4.x and 5.x.

Netware is a network operating system made by Novell Inc. Data and authentication information is stored on the server. The server validates a Client during the initial login operation. A client is permitted to use only those services which the network administrator has authorized.

Administrators can obtain a Certified Novell Administrator (CNA) certificate after passing a test. Further, the Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) certification is given to users that pass a set of 7 tests.

Netware supports both Duplexing and mirroring.

Disk Duplexing

Disk Duplexing is accomplished by installing a second disk interface controller card. The disk driver must also be loaded a second time with its own IRQ and port settings. Netware will use the disk controller driver re-entrantly which will in essence use the same disk driver but keep two distinct operations going for each card.

A drives is activated by issuing the

load driver_name


There is an improvement in disk Read performance with Duplexing since both interface cards can perform read operations simultaneously.

Disk Mirroring

Disk Mirroring uses a single disk drive interface card connected to two hard drives. All data is written to both drives allowing the first drive to be mirrored onto the second drive. A failure in the interface card will result in both drives being unusable. The data is secure on the second drive and can be used after the failed drive is replaced.


Server Utilities


Command Line Utilities

User Types

Netware Commands


Received "Could not open Novell rights file [NovRigh.inf]"

This error message probably indicates that the workstation that received it was not properly logged on to the server.


How to add a User or change the information for a user

Use the Syscon program



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