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How to Find the location of the stored files in outlook express.

Open Outlook Express

On the Top menu click the "Tools" selection with the left mouse button, a drop down menu will appear, move the mouse cursor to  the "Options" entry and click on "Options" with the left mouse button.

The "Tools Option" window will appear

Scroll the Mouse to the "Maintenance" selection and Click with the left mouse button to open the "Maintenance" Window "

The Maintenance Window is shown below

Move the mouse cursor to the "Store Folder" button and click the left mouse button to select it

The "Store Location" screen will appear, the location is grayed out and is much longer then you can see, the best thing to do is to place the mouse cursor within the grayed area and right click on the gray area. 


When you right click a drop down menu will appear, from this menu you can select the "Select All" option by clicking with the Right Mouse button.

Once the "Select All" is selected, you can then carefully keep the mouse cursor over the highlighed (blue) area and by clicking with the Right Mouse button to bring the drop down menu shown below. From this menu you can select "Copy". . 

When this is done you can do one of two things...

1) you can open a program like Notepad or Word and create a new document, then you can use the Edit Paste selection from the top menu to paste the stored path that you had copied above. Then you can see the full path.

2) you can open "Windows Explorer" (ie file manager) and navigate to the path you copied above, then you can put the cursor in the "Address" text box on the top of Windows Explorer, then right click the mouse button which will give you a drop down menu, on that menu select the Past option 


Once the path appears press the "Enter" key to force explorer to go to that path.

The path to the files will be displayed in Windows Explorer including the contents of the folder (the files such as inbox etc) similar to that shown below



These are the files Outlook Express uses to store emails.

It is a good idea to make backup of these files. Once you get to this folder and you can see the files with the dbx extension, you can select them and then copy and paste them to an external hard drive, another folder or to a USB drive for backup purposes 





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