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The act of adding a picture to an Outlook Express Email is relatively simple

Open Outlook Express

Create an email 

type the text you need in the mail body as shown below

Move the mouse cursor to the top of the page and over the Insert Selection of the top menu, and click with the left button 

The drag the mouse downward over the "Picture" selection and click with the left Mouse button

The "Picture" window will appear

Move the Mouse cursor over the "Browse" button and click on it with the left mouse button to open the browse window

Move the mouse cursor of the picture you would like to use and click the left mouse button over the name to highlight it

This will enter the name of the picture on the "File Name" box at the bottom of the window

Move the mouse cursor to the "Open" button on the bottom right of the window, and left Click the Open Button

The picture name you chose will now appear on the "Picture Source" text box. 

Note you ca place the cursor within this text box, when you left click on this text box, it will highlight (turn blue) then if you left click again the blue will go away and your cursor will change to in I bean style, at this time you can use the keyboard arrow keys to move the cursor back and forth

Now that the picture has been selected , move the mouse cursor over the "OK" button and left click on the button to finish the insertion of the picture

The picture you inserted will appear as in the sample below

the picture will have small squares around its frame, if you move the mouse cursor you can see several different types of cursors as shown below

If you use the mouse to place the cursor within the picture area the cursor will change to the "Move style cursor shown above, when you see the cross like arrow you can click the left mouse button and drag the picture to other areas of the email

the "resize" cursors shown above will show when you move the mouse cursor over any of the small squares shown around the picture, when the cursor changes to any of the ones shown above (for instance the "vertical resize" cursor) and you left click and hold over any of these squares, you will be able to "Stretch" the picture in the directions of   the arrow.

Removing a picture from an email

Finally if you want to remove the picture so it will not show up, you can move the mouse cursor over the picture until the "Move" cursor appears, then click with the left mouse button to select the picture, and as before have the small squares around it, at this time you can click on the right mouse button to bring up the pop-up selection window

After moving the mouse cursor to the "Cut" selection and it turns blue (highlights), Click on the left mouse to "Cut" the picture out of the email

Alternate Method of adding a picture

There is an even easier way to add a picture, that is by simply pasting the picture at the place of the cursor. 

Lets say you are viewing a family picture on another application , or find a picture on the internet you want to add to your email, simply right click on the picture , which will bring up the pop-up selection menu, and there select "Copy".

This copy of the picture will stay in the clipboard until you copy something else, that means if you do not do any more copying in the following minute or two , you can paste the picture into another application such as an email. 

Therefore after you do this copying, you can go to your email and put the cursor at the desired location and from the top menu select "Edit" then Paste.

As an extreme example, you could select the contents of this page and copy them (ps a very simple way to copy is to press and hold the <control> key and while holding it press the <C> key on the keyboard so you are simultaneously holding both the control and the C keys). 

Once you have done this the contents are in the clipboard, then you can go to outlook express, create a blank email, put the cursor within the body of the mail and select Edit Paste from the top menu which will put the contents of the clipboard in the mail body (ps a shortcut to pasting is to press the <Control> and <V> keys simultaneously )





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