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Connection Properties

Adding a connection

Start the "Manager" by clicking | Start | Programs | Microsoft SNA Server | Manager |

click the (+) in front of "Server" to open the server folder, the SNA server will be shown

click the (+) in front of the Server's name to open the server, the Link Services folder and conenctions will be shown

right click the SNA Service selection, a pop-up will appear, Select "Insert" , then from the next pop-up select "Link Services". Click ADD to Add the appropriate Service (the Demo service can be added for testing) and then click Finish.

The bindings will be adjusted accordingly by the computer. The added link will not show up in the Connections "Add" dialog box until you close manager and re-open it.

After the Link Service has been added, close the Manager and allow the system to save the changes. Open the Manager again as above.

Right click the Connections entry, select | Insert | Connection | and select the connection type you want to add. In the Connection properties dialog box, select the Link Service you want to use.

The connection folder should now have the connection listed. Right click on the conencttion name, select Insert, select 3270, and then select one of the following....

Display LU
Printer LU
Application LU
Downstream LU

...the 3270 LU properties window will appear allowing you to add the...

...LU number
...LU name
...and other misc entries

You should at this point have the LU configured



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