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Connect to Mainframe | Applications | SNA Server 4.0 |

Example Background

The following example uses a complex connection path to provide as much information as might be found in a typical real-world environment. The example has been installed, tested and worked flawlessly.

The instructions on this page will assume the following:

Connectivity Path


Preliminary steps

Contact the administrator of the mainframe

Have the mainframe administrator "gen" a connection to the mainframe for one or more Display LUs and for printer connections if needed. You in turn should receive the following

Server Configuration

Make sure the SnaDLC1 Link Service is installed and active

Open The SNA Server "Manager"

Click Start | Programs | SNA Server |

Select "Manager" from the selection

Create a new connection

Click the (+) sign in front of the Server Name to open the server

Click the (+) sign in front of the SNA Service to open the SNA Service

Click the (+) sign in front of the Connections selection to open the Connections

Right Click the Connections selection, a pop-up will appear

Select | Insert | Connection | 802.2 |

Insert_Connection.gif (3990 bytes)

Fill in the information as in the following example (replacing the data with that provided to you by the mainframe administrator)

connection_general.gif (6856 bytes)

Click the "Address" tab at the top of the window.

Fill in the Remote Network Address information provided to you by the mainframe administrator and if needed change the Local SAP address ( this will be grayed out if the configuration selection is "Fixed")

connection_address.gif (3751 bytes)

Click on the "System Identification" tab on the top of the window

Fill in the information provided to you by the mainframe administrator as shown below.

connection_sys_id.gif (6500 bytes)

Click the "802.2 DLC" tab on the top of the window, and fill in the "MAX BTU length" value given to you by the mainframe administrator as shown below.

connection_802.gif (6105 bytes)

Click the OK button to finish the entry.

A new entry will now appear under "Connections" ( in this example the entry is named APPC)

To add a single LU, right click on the entry and select | Insert | 3270 | Display LU |

Type in the LU number (i.e. 2 ) and the LU name (i.e. My_Connection2 )

To add a range of LUs...

Make sure the connection name is highlighted

From the top menu select | Insert | 3270 | Range of  LUs... |

insert_3270_range.gif (6827 bytes)

The "LU Creation Wizard" window will appear.

insert_3270_range1.gif (4774 bytes)

The sub domain name, server and connection name should appear and should be correct.

Click the "Next" Button, the next screen will appear

insert_3270_range2.gif (4552 bytes)

Type a short description in the "Base LU Name" box (in this case the letters "SES" were used). This will be the base which will be used to form all the LU names. Change the "First LU Number" if necessary and fill in the number of LUs desired.

Finally press the "Finish" button to finish the entry.

A range of LUs will be created under the Connection name.



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