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Problem : Unable to connect over theNetwork (Files will not share)

In order to allow the windows for workgroups to make its files shared, you must add a line in the [system.ini] files as follows

MaintainServerList = yes

Problem: Windows will not start. The VGA mode was changed and now the computer will not boot into windows

Solution: In the System.ini file , find and change the settings shown below

{SYSTEM.INI video settings }





If you have problems with a DOS program running in a small window, and are experiencing problems pasting.

Uncheck the "allow fast paste" in the appropriate PIF file.


To make the mouse leave trails in windows 3.1.

in the file Win.ini

MouseTrails = 7 (or 3 etc)


To change or adjust the vertical spacing of the icons on a windows groups.

On Win.ini


44=#of pixels (between icons)

66=room for wrapped titles

32-bit Disk Access

In System.ini

32BitDiskAccess = Off | On

to toggle on/off the 32-bit disk access mode of windows 3.1

[System.ini] File

Windows will not Start with 32-bit access on

Win /D:F

Starts windows with 32-bit access disabled

Swap File Information

The swap file is a special file that can be used with the 386 (and higher) processors to take advantage of the 386 enhanced mode "Virtual memory" abilities.

Basically, some of the code and data is held in the computers memory while the rest is temporarily stored in the hard drive swap file. When data is needing the computer (not knowing the where the data is, tries to read it. If the data is in memory it is read, if it is residing on the hard drive, an error is caused, in which case the win31 VMM takes over and looks in the hard drive swap file for the missing memory data. If it is found then that needed code or data is swapped out with some other code or data in memory.

So when the memory requirements are more than the available memory, the computer uses the swap file to simulate memory and constantly swaps chunks of code or memory back and forth between the hard drive swap file and system memory.

This can really cause slow downs at times by having the hard drive run continuously during access of the data.

It helps to make the Swap file Permanent and more importantly to create the file immediately after defragmenting the drive so that it is generated on the hard drive in one non-broken segment.

If the Swap File is not permanent then it gets generated during entry into windows each and every time. This causes a slight delay. The swap file can also use or not use 32-bit mode access. This is a functions that while it was good it caused lock ups in many computers so if you had problems you would turn that off.

The temp file name is win386.swp

The permanent file name is spart.par in the windows directory and is a read only file. It is created by going to the control panel and opening the 386enh icon



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