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Wingate 2.0 TCP Service | ApplicationsWingate 2.0 main | Configure Wingate 2.0 |


The screens shown below are representative samples of setting up the wingate TCP service. As always after the service is operating properly, take the time and setup the service with security.

The General Tab

The Bindings Tab

The Interfaces Tab

The mail server name shown below ""
is of course a generic name. The name you put into this entry
would be the same mail server name you would normally put
into theWeb Browser's mail settings area and you normally
obtain that from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

If you already have the browser set up to read mail, you can
check the setting for Incoming POP3 mail server and copy
it from there.

The Mappings Tab

the mapping window has an Add button. When you press it you will get a new window that allows you to add the URL of your internet provider's mail server. This is in the form of which is entered in the Server text box and the Port 25 is entered in the "on port" text box as shown below.

The Sessions Tab

The Policies Tab

The Encryption Tab

The Connection Tab

The Logging Tab




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