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Serial Cables -
for Serial Modems, Serial Mice and Monitors -
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Type  :  Connection Cable, Extension Cable, Adapter Cables,
Style :  AT, DB-9 AT Style (most common),
 XT, DB-25 XT Style (Older computers)
Length :  1-foot, 6-feet, 10-feet, 25-feet,
Features :  

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Part Number Price


Serial cable DB9M-DB9F (940-0024 ) - Serial cable, 1 x 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9) - male and 1 x 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9) - female 38 APC
F3B207-10 (F3B207-10 ) - Belkin Pro Series Serial Direct Cable - 10 feet, Gold plated copper connectors 4 Belkin
F2N209-10-T (F2N209-10-T ) - 10' IBM Serial Modem Cable - DB9 Female to DB9 Male, with Thumbscrews 4 Belkin
F2N209-06-T (F2N209-06-T ) - Extension Cable with Thumbscrews, for CGA/EGA Monitor or Serial Mouse, 6 feet, Pro Series, DB9M/DB9F 4 Belkin
F2L088-25 (F2L088-25 ) - 25' IBM Serial Modem Cable - DB9 Female to DB25 Male 12 Belkin
F2L088-10 (F2L088-10 ) - 10' IBM Serial Modem Cable - DB9 Female to DB25 Male 4 Belkin
F2L088-06-GLD (F2L088-06-GLD ) - 6' Gold IBM Serial Modem Cable - DB9 Female to DB25 Male, 24K gold-plated corrosion-proof connectors, connect an external modem with a female DB25 serial port to the DB9 serial port on your PC, molded strain relief, Oversized ergonomic thumbscrews 14 Belkin
F2L088-06 (F2L088-06 ) - 6' IBM Serial Modem Cable - DB9 Female to DB25 Male, attach an external modem with a DB25 female serial port to the serial DB9 port on your computer, 24K gold plated copper connectors, Oversized ergonomic thumbscrews 4 Belkin
F2L088-01 (F2L088-01 ) - AT Serial Modem Cable, DB25M - DB9F, 1 foot, 24K gold plated copper connectors, Oversized thumbscrews, Lifetime Warranty, Molded strain relief, Flextec jacket, Ground indents, Aluminum shield, 28 AWG stranded tinned copper 3 Belkin
F2J088-10 (F2J088-10 ) - 10' IBM Serial Modem Cable - DB25 Female to DB25 Male 8 Belkin
A2N209-25-T (A2N209-25-T ) - Belkin CGA/EGA/Serial Monitor and Mouse Extension Cable, Db-9M/db-9F connectors, 28-gauge, stranded, tinned, Flextec PVC rubberized cable jacket, gold-plated copper contacts, 25-feet, with thumbscrews 11 Belkin
02817 (02817 ) - Cables To Go 6-Foot DB9/Female to DB25/Male Serial Cable 5 Cables To Go
02711 (02711 ) - Cables To Go 6-Foot Standard DB9 Male/Female Serial Cable 3 Cables To Go
02447 (02447 ) - Cables To Go 1-Foot DB9F to DB25M Serial Adapter Cable 5 Cables To Go
500-163 (500-163-R ) - Lantronix serial cable DB9F TO DB25M 6FT 10 Lantronix
MXT100 (MXT100 ) - StarTech Serial Cable, 6 ft. 9-pin Straight Through Cable (male to female), Used as a serial mouse or EGA monitor extension, these cables feature DB9 Male, DB9 Female connectors 8 StarTech




Note on Modem Cables -

Only external modems need the above cables. Most of the modems sold do not include this cable which is used to connect the external modem to the back of the computer. A separate cable (provided with the modem) is used to connect the modem to the telephone outlet.

A Typical modem cable would have a DB-9 Female connector on one end and a DB-25 Male connector on the other end (DB9F - DB25M). These cables are identified as "Connection Cables" on the above list.

Connection Cables - Connect the modem to the computer

Extension Cables - Extension cables can also be used to allow the modem to be placed further from the computer.

Adapter Cables - Convert an older style (XT) computer serial port to accept the newer style (AT) cables. An adapter used in conjunction with an older style cable would only be needed if you already had the cable. When getting a new cable it would make more sense to buy one that has the proper fittings rather then to buy a cable and an adapter.

Therefore a typical cable would be either a DB9F / DB25M or a DB25F / DB25M.




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