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Model# Price description Type Size
WD1002FAEX $86 Western Digital Serial ATA Hard Drive, 1TB Caviar Black SATA 7200RPM 64MB Cache Bulk/OEM Desktop Hard Drive WD1002FAEX, SATA-600 1TB
WD1003FBYX $115 Western Digital RE4 WD1003FBYX 1 TB Internal Hard Drive, 1.0TB RE3 SATA-300 7200RPM HD  
WD10EFRX $77 Western Digital Red WD10EFRX 1TB Internal Hard Drive - 3.5 Form Factor, 64MB Cache, SATA 6 Gb/s, RoHS Compliant, IntelliPower RPM  
WD10EZEX $70 Western Digital WD10EZEX Caviar Blue 1TB Hard Drive - 1TB, SATA 6Gb/s, 3.5, 7200 RPM  
WD10EZRX $65 Western Digital WD10EZRX Caviar Green 1TB Internal Hard Drive - SATA 6GBps, 64MB, OEM  
WD10JPVT $80 Western Digital WD10JPVT Scorpio Blue 2.5 Mobile Hard Drive - 1TB, SATA 3G, 5400 RPM, 8MB  
WD1600AAJB $78 WD Caviar SE WD1600AAJB - hard drive - 160GB - ATA-100 8MB 3.5IN 160GB
WD1600BPVT $65 Western Digital internal Hard Drive, 160GB Scorpio Blue Serial ATA-300 5400RPM 8MB Cache Bulk/OEM Notebook Hard Drive WD1600BPVT, 2.5" x 1/8H,  
WD2002FAEX $160 Western Digital WD2002FAEX Caviar Black Hard Drive - 2TB, 3.5, SATA 6Gbps, 7200 RPM, 64MB  
WD20EFRX $118 Western Digital Red WD20EFRX 2TB Internal Hard Drive - 3.5 Form Factor, 64MB Cache, SATA 6 Gb/s, RoHS Compliant, IntelliPower RPM  
WD20EURS $104 Western Digital AV-GP WD20EURS Internal Hard Drive, 2TB AV-GP SATA 3GB/S  
WD2500AAJB $68 WD Caviar SE WD2500AAJB - hard drive - 250GB - ATA-100 3.5IN Pata 7200 Rpm 250GB
WD2500AAKX $55 Western Digital Caviar Blue Desktop WD2500AAKX Internal Hard Drive - 1 Pack, 250GB 3.5 , SATA-600 (6Gb/s) 7200 rpm  
WD2500BPVT $48 WD mobile hard drive, Scorpio Blue WD2500BPVT - hard drive - 250GB - SATA-300, 5400 rpm 250GB
WD2503ABYX $83 Western Digital Internal Hard Drive, WD2503ABYX 250GB, RE4 ENTERPRISE series, Serial ATA (SATA-300)  


Buy $126
150-disk capacity, built-in single port USB hub, used standalone or with PC to create a searchable database of disks. Then it finds them and delivers them, Select disks by keypad, or using win98/98se/ME/2000/XP Mac


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