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Rino 120
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Garmin Rino 120 GPS Navigator - GPS receiver, two-way radio, Integrated FRS 2 Way Radio/ GMRS Radio, 8MB memory

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The Rino 120 is state-of-the-art GPS navigation and two-way communications combined, with enough memory to download detailed mapping for driving, hiking, hunting, fishing—or just about anything else you can dream up.

It's waterproof and can "beam" your exact location to another Rino user on FRS or GMRS channels using "Position Reporting". The radio functionality of the Rino 120 provides two-way communications for up to two miles using FRS channels, 5 miles using GMRS channels, and you can talk to friends or family who own conventional FRSGMRS radios. There's also a voice scrambler and a vibration mode for silent calls.

The Rino 120 has a built-in basemap consisting of American road and highway detail, along with 8 MB of internal memory for downloading additional road, street, and points-of-interest data from MapSource® MetroGuide™, Fishing Hot Spots™, Topo, or BlueChart® CD-ROMs. The PC-interface cable also comes with the Rino 120

the FCC has granted Garmin a waiver that will allow the Rino series units to send position data on GMRS channels. In addition, Industry Canada has established a license-free GMRS service. Canadian Rino units will now allow users access to GMRS channels. Position sending/polling will also be allowed on Canadian GMRS channels. These new capabilities are available with a simple software update obtained free of charge from the Garmin Web site


  • WAAS-enabled GPS receiver
  • 22 communication channels: 1-14 FRS, 15-22 GMRS
  • 38 sub-audible squelch codes per transmission channel for semi-private radio communications
  • Transmit distance: up to 2 miles using FRS, up to 5 miles with GMRS
  • External voice activation (VOX)
  • Ergonomic design for one-handed operation, with Call, Press-To-Talk (PTT), and Page mode buttons on the side, Power/Backlighting button on top, and Volume and Zoom buttons in front
  • Unique 5-way cursor for channel selection and volume adjustment in FRS/GMRS mode, and quick map panning, entering, and selecting functions in GPS mode
  • Voice scrambler and vibration mode for silent calls
  • Built in basemap consisting of American road and highway detail, along with 8 MB of internal memory for additional road, lake, marine, and points-of-interest data that can be downloaded from MapSource MetroGuide®, Fishing Hot Spots®, Topo, or BlueChartCDs




Accessories (when available) will be shown below

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Adapter Cable - USB to RS232 converter cable - $ 66  More Info.
Garmin USB to serial port (RS232) converter cable

Automotive GPS Mount - Automotive Mounting Bracket - $ 0  More Info.
Garmin Automotive windshield mounting bracket with suction cup mount

Batteries - NiMH AA Battery 4-Pack - $ 0  More Info.
GArmin NiMH Battery, AA, 4-Pack

Battery - Battery kit - $ 0  More Info.
Garmin Rechargeable, NiMH, AA battery kit, USA, includes 4-AA NiMH cells

Belt Clip - Belt Clip - $ 0  More Info.
Belt Clip & Button

Carabiner Button Clip - Carabiner Button Clip - $ 19  More Info.
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Carrying Case - Bash Guard - $ 0  More Info.
Garmin Smash Guard Case (Bash Guard ), Package includes 2 protective covers, 1 lanyard and beltclip

Carrying Case - 76S GPS Carrying Case - $ 0  More Info.
Carrying Case for the 76S GPS

Cigarette Lighter Adapter - Cigarette lighter adapter - $ 37  More Info.
Garmin car d/c power adapter. Cigarette lighter adapter

Earbud Speaker - 010-10346-00 - $ 0  More Info.
Flexible Earbud Speaker

Earbud Speaker - Earbud Speaker w/Ptt Microphone - $ 33  More Info.
Garmin Earbud Speaker w/Ptt Microphone for the Rino 120

Headset - Headset with Boom Microphone - $ 24  More Info.
Garmin Headset with Boom Microphone

Jack Adapter - Jack Adapter - $ 0  More Info.
2.5mm to 3.5mm Jack Adapter

lanyard - Neck Lanyard - $ 0  More Info.
Neck Lanyard

Mapping - MapSource US TOPO National Parks - $ 0  More Info.
MapSource US TOPO 24K, helps you plan your next trip, National Parks, West, CD contains digital topographic maps for National Parks in the Western U.S., including Hawaii, comparable to the 1:24,000 scale paper charts

MapSource CD - MapSource TOPO Canada - $ 0  More Info.
MapSource TOPO Canada

MapSource CD - MapSource CD WorldMap - $ 0  More Info.
Garmin WorldMap MapSource CD

MapSource CD - MapSource Trip and Waypoint Manager - $ 0  More Info.
MapSource Trip and Waypoint Manager - GPS software

MapSource CD - MapSource CD - Americas Bluechart - $ 0  More Info.
Garmin Americas Bluechart MapSource CD

MapSource CD - MapSource MetroGuide Europe - $ 0  More Info.
MapSource MetroGuide Europe

MapSource CD - MapSource US TOPO 24K National Parks East - $ 0  More Info.
MapSource US TOPO 24K, National Parks, East

PC Interface Cable - PC interface cable and adapter - $ 0  More Info.
Garmin GPS PC interface cable with cigarette lighter adapter

PC Interface Cable - PC interface cable - $ 37  More Info.
Garmin GPS PC interface cable (RS232 serial port connector)

Rail mount adapter - rail mount adapter - $ 0  More Info.
Large diameter rail mount adapter (accommodates 25-32mm dia.) , For use with optional bike or rail mount accessory


Buy $126
150-disk capacity, built-in single port USB hub, used standalone or with PC to create a searchable database of disks. Then it finds them and delivers them, Select disks by keypad, or using win98/98se/ME/2000/XP Mac


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