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Paladin 4932
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Paladin - 4932 - Ultimate Technician Tool Kit Contains: Complete Tool Assortment f/ UTP & CATV (Compression) Terminations in Ultimate Bag

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Paladin Ultimate Technician Tool Kit
Introducing the biggest and best multi-cable installation kit from the legendary toolmakers at Paladin Tools! This sensational offer features a complete tool kit plus a stylish Paladin Ultimate Tool bag. The Ultimate Technician Kit provides everything you need for for cutting, stripping, punching, flaring, untwisting, plugging and more. Consider this THE COMPLETE SOLUTION for anyone who works with cabling for network, phone, satellite TV, cable TV, HDTV, or cable modems. This extraordinary kit contains KT 8 Round Wire Cutter, LAN Pro Navigator Tester, Data SureStrip, SurePunch Pro Punchdown Tool with Light, Double 110, BIX, Krone, 110 & 66 Blades, Phone Test & Cable Check (1573), RJ45 8-way Banjo Adapter, All-in-One Tool, Untwist Tool, 10 RJ45 Plugs f/ Solid/Round, 10 RJ11/12 Plugs f/ Stranded/Flat, 10 RJ22 Handset Plugs, SealTite Pro Compression Crimper, LC-CST Coax Cable Stripper, CATV "F" Flaring Tool, 10 Compression "F" Plugs for RG6/RG6Quad Coax, 2 CATV to BNC Adapters, Can Wrench, Ultimate Tool Bag, and Plano Tacklebox

This Kit Includes

  • KT 8 Round Wire Cutter
  • LAN Pro Navigator Tester
  • Data SureStrip
  • SurePunch Pro Punchdown Tool with Light
  • Double 110
  • BIX, Krone
  • 110 & 66 Blades
  • Phone Test & Cable Check (1573)
  • RJ45 8-way Banjo Adapter
  • All-in-One Tool
  • Untwist Tool
  • 10 RJ45 Plugs f/ Solid/Round
  • 10 RJ11/12 Plugs f/ Stranded/Flat
  • 10 RJ22 Handset Plugs
  • SealTite Pro Compression Crimper
  • LC-CST Coax Cable Stripper
  • CATV "F" Flaring Tool
  • 10 Compression "F" Plugs for RG6/RG6Quad Coax
  • 2 CATV to BNC Adapters
  • Can Wrench
  • Ultimate Tool Bag
  • Plano Tacklebox



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