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Test-Um Network Tester, Physical Layer tester, cable tester and length measurement device, Identifies port services like Ethernet, ISDN, POTS, Token-Ring, verifies connectivity to network devices , Identifies HUB, NIC, or auto MDI/MDI-X devices, more

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The new LanScaper Network Tester is the first in a new line of Physical Layer Network Management Devices. The LanScaper combines the functions of a high-end cable tester and length measurement device with the capability to monitor and correct network problems connected with the physical layer and link conditions of the network


  • Identifies port services like Ethernet, ISDN, POTS and Token-Ring while reporting such crucial information as network speed, capability and location of switches and other network devices.
  • Pinging function verifies connectivity to network devices and queries PC/NIC's.
  • Detects legacy "Phantom Power", reports current and voltage capability of analog telephone lines, identifies (maps) remotes while cable testing
  • Conducts link tests to ID speed
  • Verifies functional speed capability of terminated unconnected cable runs by sampling data packets between two LanScaper units, which exercises the run and reports the result
  • Automatically accesses DHCP host and obtains network information
  • Tests cabling configuration and verifies connectivity and length of run while conducting tests for opens, shorts, miswires, split pairs, and reversals
  • Identifies HUBs, NIC, or auto MDI/MDI-X devices
  • Blinks HUBs to ascertain connected configuration
  • Displays advertised network speed/duplex
  • Measures and reports any voltage on lines
  • Wiremaps network connections with remote identifiers
  • Generates multiple tone levels for signal tracing and cable identification

Minimum System Requirements

  • n/a

Package Contents

  • NT700: LanScaper Network Tester
  • TP40: 12in. Cable Assembly, RJ45/alligator clips
  • TP56: 12in. Cable Assembly, unshielded, RJ45 connectors
  • TP20: 7.5in. Cable Assembly
  • PC150: Cordura Pouch
  • Instruction Manual



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