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Neat Business Cards Scanner
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Neat Business Cards Scanner, Mobile Full Color Card Reader/Scanner, USB

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Neat Business Cards Scanner
Neat Business Cards makes it easy to scan all of your business cards into your computer! Categorize, organize and keep track of all your contacts easily, digitally. It installs a button in Outlook and ACT! that lets you scan directly into contact files. You can also scan all your cards into the Neat Business Cards database and export them to csv, Plaxo® or create vCards to sync to your handheld device.

Add key information and follow-up to your contact data
Neat Business Cards lets you add notes for each contact so you can remember exactly where you met the contact and what follow-up you’d like to take. You can even attach images or documents to your contacts

Tired of returning home from meetings and trade shows with a stack of business cards? Ready to forget wasting another minute entering contact information into an address book or jamming business cards into your over-crowded Rolodex?

Scan cards directly into Outlook contacts
Neat Business Cards installs a button in your Outlook toolbar that lets you scan business cards directly into Outlook contacts. All information obtained from your business cards such as telephone, e-mail and address are automatically entered in separately, providing you a comprehensive but hassle-free contact companion. You can also add images of business cards to existing contacts.

Bring your contacts on the go
Have a PDA or similar device? Make sure you take advantage of everything Neat Business Cards offers by exporting vCard files to your Treo, Blackberry or similar device. Export vCard files from the Neat Business Cards database that fit easily into your pocket so that no matter where you are, you can recall contacts and keep yourself confident.

Don’t waste another minute typing up business card data!

Scan cards with ACT!
Neat Business Cards also provides a solution for users of ACT!. Without any additional software, you can now scan business cards into your existing contact database. And forget about the details, Neat Business Cards will handle everything for you and ensure that every contact is entered completely

Minimum System Requirements

  • Pentium IV 1.3 GHz or later
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP (XP64 is not currently supported)
  • 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended, 2 GB under Windows Vista)
  • 300MB hard disk space to install (database can scale up to 20GB or approximately 800,000 receipts)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Available USB port
  • A broadband internet connection is suggested for updates



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