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Penpower WorldCard Color Scanner V 6.2

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Penpower WorldCard Color Scanner V 6.2
WorldCard Color is a business card scanning, recognition and contact information management system. The color scanner scans business cards directly into ACT!, Outlook and Windows Contact. The accurate and efficient OCR software allows continuous scanning and recognition of business cards. Itís TWAIN compatible, so you can use any other TWAIN compatible scanning software with the scanner.

WorldCard supports various data extension, such as Import/Export/Sync from/to/with Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm, Lotus Notes, ACT!, ACT! Premium for Workgroup, Goldmine,, Microsoft Mobile and other PIM software. Also, Import/Export from/to Excel and Access. Recognize business cards in 15 different languages. Its friendly user interface makes editing and data exporting an easy task


  • Scanner Type: Business Card 
  • Optical Resolution: 600 dpi 
  • Color Depth: 36-bit 
  • Gray Scale Depth: 8-bit 
  • Interface Connectivity: USB 1.1 
  • Power Source: USB Powered 
  • Compatible OS:
    Windows 2000 
    Windows XP 
    Windows Vista


  • Contact Management
    Scan your business cards into our contact management software, which extracts all the contact information and puts it into a database you can use easily.
  • Sync
    Directly syncronize your data with Outlook, Outlook Express, Pocket PC contacts and Palm contacts!
  • Export to other databases
    You can export your data into Access/Excel/CSV/vCard ...
  • Note and Categories
    Add note to a single card and no more scribbling on the back of cards. Simply drag and drop the data to organize your contacts by the default categories or create your own.
  • Editing Tool
    Drag and drop to turn image into text instantly. You can change the contrast of the scanned images, and you can skew the images. Even for vertical text. Scan Drivers Licenses, Insurance Cards, and Receipts In addition to its great business card recognition, you can also use it to scan driver licenses, credit cards and receipts all on the same scanner and use our software to manager them. When you scan a drivers license, our software will recognize the name and the address on the license. For each entry in our software, you can scan 3 images. For example, both sides of a business card and a drivers license; business card, drivers license and credit card; .....
  • Continuous Scanning
    The scanner enters into continuous scanning mode when you scan any card. When you finish with one card, as long as you insert another card within 10 seconds, the scanner will automatically start to scan the next card.
  • Double-Side Scanning
    Two-sided business cards can be scanned (double-pass) with images in a single record. Continuous scanning makes the scanning more quickly.
  • User Defined Field
    WorldCard allows you to self-define a new field that is not preset in the system, so as to expand the recognition capability. Add a new field and setup the recognition labels for this field, later when cards are scanned, information that match to the recognition labels will be extracted to the new self-defined filed.
  • Easy-to-Use: One Button Operation
    It's as easy as pie to use WorldCard. All you have to do is to press the "Scan" button on the scanner, it will automatically perform the all process from scanning to recognizing the cards.
  • Highly Integration
    PenPower WorldCard is fully integrated with Outlook, Outlook Express, Access, Palm, ACT!, Organizer, CSV file format and many more.
  • Multilingual Support
    Recognize business cards in 15 different languages. The default language is English. PenPower WorldCard supports English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese and others. Business cards in those languages can be read accurately.
  • Intelligent Card Search
    Just type the keywords of anything about a contact like name, company, business cards that match the criteria will be found instantly. The right contact information can also easily found by categories.
  • Printing
    PenPower WorldCard gives you lots of options to print your contact information to carry with you. The default label templates allow you to print labels in minutes, or you can create your own. You can also use Microsoft Word to print labels by importing data in office address book.
  • Multiple Viewing Modes
    The multiple viewing modes allow you to choose your favorite mode to view your contact database.
  • Import and Export
    You can import or export the contact database from or to different applications like Outlook, Outlook Express, Excel, ACT!, ACT! Premium for Workgroup, GoldMine, Lotus Organizer, and many more. This saves you a lot of time and no more repeated typing exists.
  • Portable Database
    You can sync all your contacts in a USB flash drive. Then you can look up all your contacts on any PC without install any software. (USB flash drives are sold separately)
Beam Your Addresses to Your Cell phone
  • Ericsson
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
    5210/6210/6250/6500/6510/7110/7190/8210/8250/8290/8310/8390/8850/ 8855/8890/8910
  • Samsung
  • Siemens
    2588 S25/3568i S35/3618 ME45/6618 S45/6688 SL45

System Requirements

  • Pentium III 800 CPU or above
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 100MB of available hard disk space
  • Windows Vista / XP / 2000
  • USB Port



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