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CheckMark Payroll 2007
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CheckMark Payroll 2007

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Payroll 2007

Are you the only one you know who dreads pay day? Help is on the way! CheckMark Payroll puts you in control and saves you money! You won't believe how easy it is! Enter hours, calculate pay and cut paychecks in record time, anytime. No monthly fees to pay and no delays waiting for a service bureau! Payroll is affordable for small businesses, yet powerful enough to handle unlimited companies and unlimited employees. Why spend more when CheckMark's payroll software does it all for less.

From 401(k)s to vacation accruals, CheckMark Payroll keeps you on track, in compliance and stress-free no matter what type of business you run. Use it as a stand-alone program or post to just about any accounting software on the market, including Quickbooks and CheckMark's own MultiLedger.

CheckMark Payroll has every payroll report you could imagine. It prints directly on W-2s, W-3s and the 941 reports. Plus, it has employee information reports, employee wage reports, deductions reports, department reports, state unemployment reports and lots more!

Complete Your Payroll Quickly And Easily:
• Start at any time of the year.
• Speed employee setup using the Employee Template.
• Enter all employee hours in one spreadsheet-style window.
• Retain hours for future payrolls.
• Import hours from a spreadsheet or time clock software.
• Easily modify check numbers or void checks.
• Handles after-the-fact payrolls

Handles All Federal And State Taxes:
• Comes with up-to-date federal and state withholding taxes.
• CheckMark monitors tax rates all year long and makes patches available for download when necessary.
• Modify tax tables yourself or purchase low-cost updates annually.
• Employees can be exempt from taxes and you can withhold additional taxes if necessary.

Enjoy Flexibility And Ease-of-Use:
• Each employee can have four different hourly rates, not including overtime and double-time.
• Accrue sick and vacation time on a monthly, pay period or per-hour-worked basis.
• Handles pre-tax deductions, such as 401(k).
• Calculates employer matching amounts for deductions.
• Calculates and prints checks for employer payments, such as 941 and SUTA.
• Distribute employee hours or wages by department or MultiLedger Job.

Get Comprehensive, Up-to-the-Minute Reports:
• Prints on W-2s, W-3s and the 941.
• Summarizes state withholding and SUTA information for use in completing state reports.
• Summarizes 940 information.
• Provides complete employee reports, including employee earnings, check register, deductions register and many more.

Minimum System Requirements: Windows® 95/98/NT®/2000/Me/XP. 100 MHz Pentium® processor or faster. 10 MB hard disk space for program and data. 8 MB RAM. 4X CD-ROM drive. Keyboard & mouse.
Macintosh® OS 8.6 and higher or OS X Native. Power PC. 10 MB hard disk space for program and data. 8 MB RAM. 4X CD-ROM drive. Keyboard & mouse



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