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Visual Bookkeeper
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Visual Bookkeeper

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A-Systems Visual Bookkeeper

Accounting Software at an affordable price!

Use your imagination! Imagine being able to see a complete financial summary of your whole company on a single screen. Imagine being able to click on summary information and have the detailed information jump into view. You don't have to use your imagination any more. What you have imagined is the Company Overview in Visual Bookeeper. This is the way accounting was meant to be. Sure, you can print reports and study them, but why waste your time? Use the Company Overview tools in Visual Bookeeper. With the Company Overview, you can review your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Balances, and Profitability, all with the click of the mouse.

Visual Bookkeeper allows you to view and track Cash transactions and balances generated by General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable. The Management Overview gives you instant access to your Cash Balances in all of your accounts.

The latest version of Visual Bookkeeper also includes:
• Contact Management (including email and fax broadcasting)
• Sales Quotes and Sales Orders
• Access to a Merchant Account (Built-in Credit Card Processor)


Easy to Use
• Instantly view a financial summary of your whole company.
• Color graphs display a visual presentation of the company’s finances.
• Multimedia training sessions included for free.
• Quick to learn and even includes a basic course in accounting.
• A “Startup Wizard” to help you get set up.
• Help Buttons on every data entry screen to clearly explain every data field.
• Technical Support available.
• Run multiple companies on a single copy of Visual Bookkeeper.

• Taxes for Federal, Multiple States and Localities, including counties and municipalities.
• Pay Multiple Rates for different types of labor.
• Pay an employee in Multiple States and Localities.
• Track Union Benefits and Fringes.
• Track Multiple Deductions, 401-(k), Cafeteria Plans, Matching Deductions, etc.
• Do Electronic Deposits (direct deposits.)
• Print Paychecks in a long, long list of formats. Choose your favorite.
• Track Worker's Compensation.
• Assign Burden.
• Track General Liability Insurance.
• Track Regular hours, Overtime hours, and Premium hours, at different rates.
• Enter Payroll by Day, by Week, for Salaried Employees, and "Other" pay types.
• Calculate Payroll Taxes based on internally projected annual earnings or on "Projected Wages" you define.
• Override tax tables and specify exact amounts to be withheld for Federal and/or State Taxes.
• Exempt special pay from Federal and/or State Taxes.
• Exempt special pay from Fringe Benefits and/or Standard Deductions.
• Enter One-time deductions.
• Do Hand Written checks.
• Do "On-the-Fly" checks.
• Import data from outside payroll services. (For those who insist on using them.)
• Print W-2 Forms for this year and last year. (For employees that lost last year's.)

General Ledger
• Professional quality Income Statements and Balance Sheets.
• Forecasting/Modeling-(with the ability to do pro forma cash flow, net profit, and balance sheets 36 months in advance, either for management use or for Business Plans).
• Automated bank reconciliation that connects with your online bank statements.
• Print checks instantly from the General Ledger.
• Customizable Chart of Accounts.

Accounts Payable
• Flexibility to pay full, partial or multiple invoices.
• Print checks and annual 1099's for your vendors.
• Take discounts automatically.
• Place holds on questionable invoices.
• No limit on the number of vendors and subcontractors.

Accounts Receivable
• Select from preformatted Invoices & Statements to present a “big company” image.
• Print countless reports including Receivables, Aging and History.
• Accept prompt-payment discounts automatically.
• Automatic State & Local Sales Tax tracking (even Streamlined Sales Tax!).
• No limit on the number of customers.

Purchase Order
• Fully integrated with Accounts Payable and Inventory for easy entry and management.
• Reconcile Accounts Payable Invoices with purchase orders on-screen (no more trips to the filing cabinet).

• Inventory may be valued at FIFO, LIFO and Average or Standard Cost.
• Monitor inventory levels for prompt re-orders.
• Manage multiple warehouses and bins (locations).
• Track serial numbers.

Built-in Report Generator
• Report formats suited to the wants and needs of thousands of companies.
• Sophisticated “filtering” capabilities give billions of reporting options.
• Easy to print reports. Just select one and print it.
• Modify reports to meet your needs precisely.
• Personalized reports may be saved and run on demand.

Electronic Data Importing
• Sometimes it may be useful to import data from an outside source. Whether it be QuickBooks® or just a spreadsheet, the Electronic Data Import feature makes this process easy.

Minimum System Requirements: Windows® 2000/Me/XP/Vista. 500 MHz Pentium® processor or faster. 1 GB hard disk space (250 MB recommended). 128 MB RAM (256 MB required for XP and Vista). 4X CD-ROM drive (32X recommended). 17 inch color Monitor recommended. Keyboard & mouse



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