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Interlink VP6360 Wireless Mini Media Keyboard - 33ft Range, Windows Vista Windows 7

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Interlink VP6360 Wireless Mini Media Keyboard
This unique Interlink VP6360 Wireless Mini Media Keyboard is designed to control media functions and conveniently navigate Internet in a Windows MCE PC for up to 33-foot range. With smartphone-style keyboard, integrated mousepad and touch scroll, the Interlink VP6360 Wireless Mini Media Keyboard is ergonomically designed to be handheld without the need for a desk space. Featuring a suite of hot keys for media control and Internet navigation functions, the SMK-Link plug-and-play, driverless, Interlink VP6360 Wireless Mini Media Keyboard is the ideal remote interface for the home theater setting in the living room, or for teacher-student interface in today's classroom, and for the total control in the boardroom and conference room.

  • This wireless ultra-mini keyboard with built-in mousepad provides the ideal handheld remote control and Internet navigation for your Windows MCE PC in home theater, classroom or conference room


  • Ergonomic Handheld Design for Most Versatile Applications
    • The ultra-mini size with contoured handgrips makes it the ideal choice of remote interface for user environment without desk surface such as home theater setting in a living room.
    • The smartphone-style keyboard eliminates learning curve; thumb typing on the keyboard is as easy as typing on a mobile phone.
  • Reliable 2.4GHz Transmission for the Wireless Freedom
    • Designed with the latest wireless technology, this keyboard provides up to 33-foot of wireless transmission range.
    • Without a cable this keyboard offers total flexibility in a classroom, boardroom and conference room setting.
  • Seamless Compatibility with Windows MCE PCs for the Total control
    • The keyboard fully supports Windows MCE (Media Center Edition) controls with 6 MCE function keys for the ultimate user experience



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