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LG PAR38 15W LED Light Bulb - 15W (75W Equivalent), 930 Lumens, 3000k, 4500 Hours Lifetime, Energy Efficient

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LG PAR38 15W LED Light Bulb
Create more illumination inside or outside your home with the LG PAR38 15W LED Light Bulb. This bulb can deliver a beautiful accent to your decorative and architectural spaces or provide concentrated spotlight in any area. It performs with 930 Lumens lighting efficiency, utilizing 16W of power to deliver 75W of warm, white light for as long as 45,000 hours. Illuminate your place with the efficient lighting performance of the LG PAR38 15W LED Light Bulb.

  • PAR38 light bulb; creates super bright lighting for spot light applications
  • 930 Lumens; provides efficient lighting performance
  • Warm white color; gives clear visibility within a concentrated area
  • 45,000hrs Life expectancy; provides long and effective service


  • LG 15W LED Light Bulb
  • Type: PAR38
  • Color: warm white
  • Incandescent Equivalent: 75W
  • Power: 15W
  • Dimming: No
  • Lumens: 930
  • Life Hours: 45000 hours
  • Correlated Color Temperature: 3000K

The LG PAR38 15W LED Light Bulb Is The Smart Choice!
All of LG's LED products are energy efficient and long lasting. The PAR38 light bulb is a product made for today's homes and families. It's easy to install and is stylishly designed. Use the PAR38 light bulb to make your space brighter, clearer and more distinct.

You Can Save Money!
LG is dedicated to saving you money. Worry less about your energy bill because our products save you 82% on energy costs as compared to an incandescent light bulb. In just 47 months, you can recoup the cost of our bulbs. Given how long they last, we think you'll appreciate the extra money in your pocket.

Enjoy substantially longer life and reduced costs when you use LG LED light bulbs. With a lifetime of 45.66 years* you can install the LG PAR38 15W LED Light Bulb and not worry about having to get up on the ladder to change the light bulbs for a LONG time.
*45.66 year lifespan calculations are based on average of 3 hours operation per day.

It's Environmentally Conscious
This product does not contain mercury so you can feel good about using them in your home. Also, LG LED light bulbs emit no UV (ultraviolet) light meaning that they won't fade your fabrics. Finally, since it's not flourescent, there will be no flickering, no unpleasant glare and, when you turn on the switch, LG LEDs are instantly on.

Clean & Beautiful Light and Easy To Install!
Changing to LG LED light bulbs is literally as easy as screwing in a light bulb! LG's PAR30 LN LED light bulb is perfect for highlighting interior spaces. Create a lighting scheme that will bring your furnishings and materials in your home to life by showing off true colors, contours and textures




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