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Logitech MX620 Cordless Laser Mouse USB 2.0 interface, Windows XP/Vista Mac

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Logitech MX620 Cordless Laser Mouse USB
Experience precision and speed like never before with the new Logitech MX620 wireless mouse. It can scroll through 10,000 lines in just seven seconds, and will stop on a dime! The Logitech MX620 deploys a revolutionary hyper-fast scroll wheel that allows you to fly through long documents at amazing speeds – and the wheel is made of a nearly friction-free alloy material that allows it to glide smoothly over virtually any surface. Enjoy cordless freedom and uninterrupted connection with Logitech 2.4 GHz digital cordless, even in the busiest wireless environments. And the energy-efficient Logitech MX 620 delivers up to one-year of battery life. If you’re looking for precision control, and wireless convenience, your best choice is the Logitech MX620 cordless laser mouse


  • Revolutionary hyper-fast scroll wheel: Fly through long documents at hyperspeed with the nearly frictionless alloy scroll wheel. Shift to precise, click-to-click scrolling for navigating lists, slides, and image collections.
  • Laser precision: Experience pixel-perfect precision and smoother cursor control on virtually all surfaces.
  • Cordless Freedom™: Enjoy uninterrupted connection with Logitech® 2.4 GHz Digital Cordless, even in the busiest wireless environments.
  • Extended battery life: Go up to a year without replacing batteries—longer if you use the on/off button. A battery power indicator eliminates surprises.
  • Advanced search and navigation: Highlight a word or phrase and press the search button to display results from your favorite search engine instantly. Universal forward/back buttons speed up Web browsing and paging through large documents.

Minimum System Requirements

  • PC
    - Windows® XP, Windows® Vista™
    - USB port
  • Mac
    - Mac OS® X (10.2.8 or later)
    - USB port



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