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Sony SRS-M50/BLK Notebook Speakers - Set Of 2, Compact, Stylish, Transportable Speaker (Black)

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Sony SRS-M50/BLK Notebook Speakers
Optimize your audio experience with the SRS-M50/BLK portable speaker system. Featuring a compact design and powerful sound reproduction, these portable speakers are perfect for listening to your music on the road, in the office or at school. Designed to complement your VAIOŽ notebook or WalkmanŽ MP3 player, the SRS-M50 delivers 5W of total power output and are magnetically shielded so they won't interfere with other electronics.

Dual Power support
Use the AC Charger when at home or indoors and take optional batteries (not supplied) with you when are out and about for ultimate convenience.

Integrated mechanism for compact carrying
Speakers can "clip" together to allow you to carry them easily yet simply set them up apart.

Total output power of 5W (2.5W +2.5W) - Great sound out of a little package


  • Powerful sound reproduction
  • Bass reflex, full range type speaker system
  • 39mm driver unit
  • Total output power: 5W (2.5W + 2.5W)
  • Stable bass sound with clear vocal listening
  • Compact design
  • Small, yet powerful & trendy
  • Integrated mechanism for compact carrying
  • Built in battery compartment for enjoying music any time, any place (AAA x3 optional)
  • Magnetically shielded driver unit
  • 1 input (Stereo mini-plug)
  • AC power adaptor supplied



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