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Professional LAN Cable Tester w. 4 Remote Loopback Plugs

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The Advanced RJ45 LAN Cable tester allows a single person to test several long cables faster and more efficiently than ever before. The tester uses remote loop-back plugs that each have their own unique ID number that the tester can identify. If several cables need to be tested, the user simply puts a loop-back plug on the end of each cable run and goes to the other end to test and identify each one. The tester provides a basic continuity test with a pin-map that will identify wiring errors, allowing them to be quickly corrected. It also identifies several common pinnings and displays the applications for each.

The LANTESTPRO requires a separate 9V battery that is not included to operate

  • Testing STP and UTP network cables
  • Testing in-wall building cabling
  • 1 person can quickly test several cable runs


  • A pin mapping of the current cable is displayed while the unit performs the test.
  • Backlit display allows test readings to be visible in dark areas.
  • Canvas carrying case has plenty of extra space for tools, patch cables and remote locator plugs.
  • Easy to read LCD display shows continuity, opens, shorts, and pin mismatches.
  • Identifies (8) different wiring schemes plus (1) temporary user-defined scheme.
  • Includes (4) remote locator plugs, each programmed with a unique ID number so multiple drops can be tested before moving the plugs to new outlets.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Menu driven user interface makes the tester easy to use and fast for anyone to learn.
  • Tests both shielded and unshielded cable in local and remote mode


  • Connector Types - 2 - RJ45 Female
  • LCD Display - 2 lines by 16 characters with LED backlight



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