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Tripp Lite ISOBAR12 20T, 12 Outlet, Rackmount, 20amp, Twist Lock tripplite, 12 outlet, 20amp, 20 amp, surge protector, twist lock surge, rackmount surge, rack mount surge LOCK PLUG 15FT CORD 25K INS

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Tripp Lite IBAR12-2OT Network-Grade Surge and Noise Suppression
Featuring a $25,000 Connected Equipment Warranty!

Tripp Lite's IBAR12-20T offers network-grade surge and noise suppression in a versatile all-metal multi-mount cabinet with L5-20P twist-lock input plug and 20 amp capacity. Detachable mounting flanges are configurable for rackmount, wallmount and under-counter installation. Uses only 1 rack space (1U) when installed in any 19 inch EIA standard rack. Features network grade AC surge suppression with EMI/RFI noise filtering. Outlets are arranged in exclusive isolated filter banks to limit noise interaction among connected items. Includes 12 outlets (2 front mounted 15 amp / 10 rear mounted 20 amp), 15 ft power cord and power switch. Diagnostic LEDs indicate AC present, line fault and protection status


  • Voltage compatibility: 120 VAC
  • Dimensions: 1.75 x 17.5 x 4"
  • Frequency compatibility: 50/60 Hz
  • Output volt amp capacity (amps): 20
  • Output watt capacity (watts): 2400
  • Outlet quantity / type: 12 NEMA 5-20R output receptacles (2 front / 10 rear)
  • Input connection type: NEMA L5-20P locking input plug
  • Input cord length (ft.): 15
  • Input cord length (m): 4.6


  • Versatile all-metal cabinet with detachable mounting flanges allows rackmount, wallmount, undercounter and other creative mounting options
  • Uses one rack space (1U) in standard 19 inch rack ("zero U" mounting possible in many racks)
  • 1280 joules / 60,000 amp network-grade AC surge suppression with EMI/RFI filtering
  • 12 output receptacles outlets (2 front mounted NEMA 5-15R / 10 rear mounted NEMA 5-20R)
  • 15 foot AC cord with NEMA L5-20P straight-in plug connection
  • Diagnostic LEDs confirm proper wiring and suppressor operation
  • Front panel switch controls power to all outlets
  • 20 amp electrical capacity with circuit breaker 120VAC, 50/60Hz electrical compatibility
  • $25,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (USA & Canada Only)
  • Lifetime product warranty

Addititional Specifications:

  • Recommended electrical service: 120V 20A
  • Diagnostic LEDs:
    - LINE FAULT (red)
    - LINE OK (green)
  • Switches: Red illuminated power switch controls power to all outlets
  • Locking switch cover: Transparent locking switch cover prevents accidental shutoff
  • Protection modes: Includes full normal mode (H-N) and common mode (N-G / H-G) line surge suppression
  • AC suppression joule rating: 1200 joules
  • Clamping voltage (RMS): 140V
  • AC suppression response time:
    NM = 0 ns.
    - CM = <1 ns
  • AC suppression surge current rating: 96,000 amps
  • AC suppression components used: Metal oxide varistors, toroidal balanced chokes and VHF capacitors
  • Safe thermal fusing: Prevents unsafe conditions during extreme extended overvoltages and catastrophic occurences
  • UL1499 let through rating: 330V - UL Verified
  • EMI / RFI filtering: 40-80 dB
  • Immunity: Conforms to IEE 587 / ANSI C62.41



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