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Turtle Beach TBS-1150 Audio Advantage Micro II External Sound Card - USB, 3.5mm Audio Output

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Turtle Beach TBS-1150 Audio Advantage Micro II External Sound Card
The Micro II USB sound card adds a stereo analog output and an optical digital output to a Mac® or PC. The stereo output drives powered speakers, headphones or an external recording device. Because it uses a USB digital connection, the Micro II isolates the audio signal from the noisy electronics inside a PC or laptop to provide higher-quality sound. A built-in amplifier delivers crisp, clear sound on headphones or ear buds.

Inserting the included TOSLINK adapter into the stereo jack converts it into a S/PDIF digital optical output, allowing you to connect your Mac or PC to the optical digital input on home theater systems, digital speakers and other digital audio devices. This digital connection lets you enjoy DVD or streaming digital movies on your Mac or PC in high-quality, pure digital format. By installing an optional driver, the digital output can also send 5.1 channel Dolby® Digital or DTS™ surround sound as an encoded digital audio stream to your home theater system. (NOTE: This feature is only available on the Windows platform.)

What it is and Why You Need it:

  • Powered by USB - no power adapter needed
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Add premium digital or analog sound to your PC or laptop
  • Analog stereo output drives headphones or powered speakers



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