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Copy Commander 9
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VCOM Copy Commander 9, automatic solution for you. Copy Commander safely copies everything to your new drive, Windows 98/2000/NT/XP

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Copy Commander 9
Make your life easier when you're upgrading to a new hard drive. Copy Commander is the only easy-to-use, automatic solution for you. Copy Commander safely copies everything to your new drive. One click is all it takes to copy your old drive to your new drive. Copy Commander provides all of the tools necessary to copy drives or even individual partitions.

Hard drive prices are dropping every day and chances are that you are running out of space and the drive may be at the end of its life! With Copy Commander, upgrading to a new hard drive is safe, simple and fast. Copy Commander is truly the ultimate hard drive copy utility!

Move all of your data to that new hard drive.
Copy Commander automatically transfers everything from your old hard drive to your new hard drive without missing any of your preferences, settings or data! There is no need to reinstall anything. And with our Copy Wizard™, you can actually copy the contents of your old drive to your new drive with a single mouse-click. It's really that simple!

Great for quick backups.
What to do with that old drive? Why not use it for backups? And if you use multiple partitions, you can copy individual partitions to the same drive or to any other drive installed in your PC. With Copy Commander's easy to use wizards, it's a snap to make a quick backup copy of your hard drive or individual partitions.

No installation necessary and supports all major OSes.
Copy Commander supports all PC operating systems and their file system. And if you have multiple partitions, no problem, Copy Commander copies them for you and even gives you the option to have them proportionally expanded on your new drive. Copy Commander does not need to even be installed. Simply start up from the Copy Commander CD or have it create a bootable diskette for you and you're ready to copy!

Saves you time and money.
Copy Commander more than makes up for its cost just with the amount of time and effort that it will save you. Normally to upgrade to a new hard drive, you need to go through tedious, time-consuming processes that include backup procedures, operating system installs, restore procedures and sometimes you still have to reinstall certain applications. You may even lose valuable work files. With Copy Commander, that doesn't happen. Simply use the wizard, click on the option and let Copy Commander do all of the work for you.

Free Bonus! Partition Commander® Special Edition.
Partition Commander Special Edition lets you quickly create, copy, format, validate and delete partitions using a powerful, graphical user interface. Includes Partition Explorer™ to look at folders, files and even view text files in NTFS!


  • One-click Copy Wizard™ does all the work for you!
  • Supports all hard drives
  • Works with all PC based operating systems
  • Supports Linux partition types.
  • BootFixer™ automatically corrects startup problems in NT/2000/XP/2003.
  • Can automatically expand partitions.
  • Safe, simple and fast!
  • Included FREE! Partition Commander® Special Edition. Create copy, validate and delete partitions.
  • Simplified selections with improved operation.
  • New XP Style Interface

Minimum System Requirements: Windows® 98/2000/NT®/XP, Pentium® processor or faster, 32 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, VGA video card, Floppy disk/drive or CD-R with CD-R drive to create bootable disk, Keyboard & mouse.



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