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Dymo Desktop Mailing Solution
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Dymo Desktop Mailing Solution

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Dymo Desktop Mailing Solution
Power through your company's mailing tasks with DYMO's innovative mailing solution. The advanced scale, printer, software and labels are an economical and professional way to master your mail – 24 hours a day – without wasting valuable postage, precious time, or a penny on monthly fees (like postage meters).

Print Precise Amounts of USPS® – Approved Postage
Use our new DYMO Stamps™ software. Just install the included software and follow the step-by-step instructions to open your no-monthly-fee account with our postage partner, Endicia.

Weigh Your Mail
Simply place your mail on the USB– connected scale. Click the "weigh" button on your DYMO Stamps™ screen and the correct weight is selected. Choose the mailpiece and class, then click "print" and the LabelWriter Twin Turbo will print postage for First Class (1-13 oz.), flat rate Priority Mail®, Express Mail®, postcards, International Air Mail (1 oz.) and more.

Print Address and Shipping Labels
LabelWriter Twin Turbo comes with its own software that includes a label designer and address book. You can also print addresses directly from all the most popular software, such as Microsoft® Word, Outlook®, Excel®, QuickBooks®, WordPerfect®, CardScan®, Goldmine®, and ACT!®. The LabelWriter software also has a special utility called Address Fixer™ (Windows only) that checks any address against the USPS database, corrects any mistakes and adds the ZIP+4 for speedier and more accurate mail delivery


  • The DYMO Stamps service is a "no fee service" meaning you only pay for the face value of the postage and the blank labels. The DYMO Stamps service prints USPS® approved postage for First Class (1-13 oz.). Flat Rate Priority Mail® Envelopes and Boxes, Express Mail®, Postcards and International Air Mail (1 oz.). If you need additional postage services, the LabelWriter Twin Turbo works with the services from both Endicia and
  • The new DYMO 5 lbs. USB-connected scale is quite small (just 6.25” l x 7.25” w x 1.5” h) and versatile. When you place an envelope or package on it, the weight shows up on the LCD panel and on the DYMO Stamps software. The DYMO Stamps software will read the weight and indicate how much postage is required.
  • The LabelWriter Twin Turbo printer was specifically designed to be a complete small business mailing solution. It holds two label rolls at once so you can quickly print address labels from one side, and postage labels from the other, without changing label rolls. The printer is quite small (just 8.5” wide x 7” deep x 5.25” tall), and since it prints with thermal technology, it is silent and never needs ink, toner, or ribbons.
  • The DYMO Label Software that comes with the Twin Turbo is now in its 7th major version, as we have been perfecting labeling software for the past 15 years. The software makes it easy to design your own labels with your favorite fonts and graphics. It also includes an address book for managing addresses.
  • Includes FREE DYMO Address Fixer™, a unique software utility that automatically checks any address in Word, Outlook, or the DYMO Label Software against the US Postal Service database, fixes errors and adds the 9 digit ZIP+4 code to ensure fast and accurate mail delivery.
  • The DYMO Stamps software and service is provided by Endicia, one of the leading internet postage vendors. This no monthly fee service works with both Windows and MacIntosh systems.
  • DYMO LabelWriter® Twin Turbo postage and label printer is lightening-fast and very versatile. It prints one label per second, 55 labels per minute and holds two label rolls for twice the productivity with less switching. The laser quality is 300 dpi and the hi-resolution printing provides crisp text, graphics, photos and bar codes. The Twin Turbo fits neatly on your desk.
  • DYMO USB Scale connects to PC or MAC via a USB cable, included in the packaging. The scale handles up to 5 lbs. and is very compact, just 6.25’’l x 7.25” w x 1.5” h.. It is also lightweight at 1.5 lbs and USB-powered.
  • 2 DYMO Label Rolls are included with this mailing solution. This entails one roll of 200 DYMO Stamps postage labels and one roll of 130 DYMO address labels



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