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DVD-R Media

. Info Link Price MFG Description Type Size
- More Info $32 Fuji 600004139 - Fuji DVD-R Media, 4.7GB, 16x speed, White Inkjet Printable, 50-pack Spindle   50-pack
- More Info $122 Imation Defender 27844 - Imation DVD-R Media, 27844 Defender 16X, White Inkjet Printable, 50-Pack Spindle    
- More Info $23 Imation 17350 - Imation DVD-R Media, 16x speed, 4.7GB, white inkjet printable surface, 50-pack spindle   50-pack
- More Info $10 Imation 17619 - Imation DVD-R Media, 4.7GB, 16x, Inkjet Printable 10-pack Slim Jewel Cases   10pack
- More Info $27 Maxell 638022 - Maxell DVD-R Media, 16x write speed, 4.7GB, white inkjet printable, hub printable, 50-pack in spindle   50-pack
More Info $35 Memorex 32025642 - Memorex DVD-R Media, 16x write speed, 4.7GB, for PC or Home Video Recorder use, 100-pack spindle, Inkjet printable   100pack
More Info $25 Memorex 32024755 - Memorex DVD-R Media, 16x write speed, 4.7GB, Inkjet Printable, 50-pack in spindle   50pack
- More Info $46 Primera Primera 53388 - Primera DVD-R Media, 16x speed, 4.7GB, TuffCoat with WaterShield white inkjet printable Surface, 50-pack in spindle   50-pack
- More Info $67 Primera 53382 - Primera DVD-R Media, TuffCoat Plus - 16x speed, 4.7GB White inkjet printable surface, 100-pack spindle    
- More Info $12 Verbatim 96191 - 25PK DVD-R 16X 4.7GB WHITE INKJET HUB PRINTABLE SPINDLE   25pack

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-Not Selected
-Capacity - 1.4GB
-Capacity - 4.7GB
-Color - assorted
-Color - White
-Company Innovera
-Company Kodak
-Company Memorex
-features Duplicator Grade
-features Hub Printable
-For - Camcorders
-Packaging- Jewel Case
-Packaging- Spindle
-Printable - Inkjet
-Printable - LightScribe
-Printable - Thermal
-Quantity 100-pack
-Quantity 10-pack
-Quantity 1-pack
-Quantity 20-pack
-Quantity 25-pack
-Quantity 30-Pack
-Quantity 3-pack
-Quantity 50-pack
-Quantity 5-pack
-Quantity 600-pack
-size 8cm
-size Standard
-Speed/CD Write- 16x
-Speed/CD Write- 4x
-Speed/DVD write- 16x
-Speed/DVD write- 2x
-Speed/DVD write- 4x
-Speed/DVD write- 8x
-Style - MiniDVD
-Surface Color Silver
-Surface Color White
-Surface Design- Matte
-Type - Duplicator Grade
-Type - Mini DVD-R
-Type - MiniDV
-Type - MiniDVD


- Alera
- Fuji
- HP
- Imation
- Innovera
- Kodak
- Maxell
- Memorex
- Microboards
- Philips
- Primera
- Sony
- Verbatim

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