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Model Mfg Price description Type Size
AVS-5812 RF Link $ 71 RF-Link AVS-5812 - wireless audio / video delivery system sender, 5.8 GHz Audio/Video Add-on Transmitter    
AVS-5811 SmartDisk $ 106 Araneus Wireless Audio/Video Sender - wireless audio / video delivery system SENDER SYS 9 VOLT, RF-Link AVS-5811 5.8GHz Audio and Video Transmission System with IR Repeater    
WPCTV1080H Diamond Multimedia $ 115 Diamond WPCTV1080H V-Stream Wireless USB to HDMI Adapter - Up to 30ft Range, 1080p, users can now easily stream media from their computer to a HDTV or other HDMI device    
MyWirelessTV Transmitter ActionTec $ 130 Actiontec MWTV200T-01 MyWirelessTV Wireless HD Transmitter - 1080p, 150ft, HDMI, 802.11    
MyWirelessTV HD Receiver ActionTec $ 156 Actiontec MWTV200R-01 MyWirelessTV Wireless HD Receiver - Full 1080 HD and 3D Video, Up to 150 Feet, HDMI, USB    
MyWirelessTV HD Video Kit ActionTec $ 180 ActionTec MyWirelessTV HD WiFi HDMI Transmitter and Receiver HD Video Kit, Transmission:Wireless Standard 802.11 WiF, Full 1080p HD and 3D Video up to 150 feet away    

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