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Model Mfg Price description Type Size
MediaMVP Hauppauge $ 7 Hauppauge Digital Media Receiver, connects to your TV set, and allows you to watch and listen to PC based media via an Ethernet network Std 0
TV-PC85 Sabrent $ 27 Sabrent TV-PC85 PC to TV Converter Box    
Kworld PlusTV KWORLD $ 35 Kworld PlusTV Pc To TV Converter - USB 2.0 Powered, NTSC & PAL Support, 1024 x 768, Component Support, Composite Out, S-Video Out    
GXP-2000 GrandTec $ 59 Ultimate XP Pro PC To TV Converter, enables you to make presentations using your choice of computer and display card , resolutions up to 1600x1200 (NTSC or PAL), USB interface   0
GKM561RKIT IOGear $ 80 IOGEAR GKM561RKIT PC-to-TV Kit - Multimedia Keyboard, USB RF Receiver, 6' HDMI Cable, 6' VGA Cable, 6' RCA Cable, 6' Stereo Audio Cable, HDMI to DVI Adapter    
GHV-2000 GrandTec $ 144 Grandtec PC to TV Device, Hi-Vision II Hi Wire GHV-2000 - scan converter    
Echoview PC2TV Receiver, EV-2100 Addlogix $ 161 Addlogix Wireless Echoview PC2TV Receiver, DVI/VGA Edition, Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Addlogix Wireless Audio / Video Sender VGA and DVI 802.11b / g , EV2100   Wireless

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