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Serial Modems
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Model Mfg Price description Type Size
3048-00-02DG Zoom $ 67 Zoom 3048 Data/Fax Modem, 56K EXT SER MODEM V.92-VOICE/FAX/DATA W/ CBL    
3049-00-00DG Zoom $ 70 Zoom 3049 Data/Fax Modem, K V.92 V.44 EXT SERIAL MODEM    
H08-15328-DG Zoom $ 56 Zoom H08-15328 Data/Fax Modem, 56K EXT SERIAL MODEM V.92/V.42B, Hayes ACCURA V.92 External Faxmodem - fax / modem    
MT5600BA-V92-NAM Multi-Tech $ 212 Multi-Tech V92 56Kbps Serial Fax Modem, MultiModem II MT5600BA-V92 - fax / modem POWER CORD GLOBAL    
MT5634IND-NAM Multi-Tech $ 193 Multi-Tech MultiModem IND - fax / modem, SER DB25 US PWR CORD WIN LNX SCO    
MT5656ZDX Multi-Tech $ 75 56kbps V.92 data/fax external modem, 48K upload when connecting w/V.92 servers, Quick connect cuts connection time in half, modem-on-hold for call screening, V.44 compression improves throughput    
MT5656ZDX-V Multi-Tech $ 86 External Data/fax Analog Modem, V.92/56K, Modem-on-hold feature, Serial interface   v.92
TFM-560X TRENDware $ 31 TRENDware Serial Modem, RS-232 serial interface, V.90 56Kbps, Telephony answering machine with full-duplex speakerphone, win95/98/ME/2000/XP and Linux   V.90
USR3453C US Robotics $ 252 U.S. Robotics External Serial Modem, Courier 56K Business Modem RoHS, Serial RS-232 interface    
USR5686G US Robotics $ 91 USRobotics USR5686G 56K V.92 Serial Controller Faxmodem    

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